Environmentally Friendly Carlisle EcoMade Dinnerware & Displayware

Carlisle EcoMade Compostable Plates Help You go Green
EcoMade Plates

These Carlisle EcoMade™ restaurant tableware lines are made with the next generation in mind. While similar melamine plates may sit in landfills for decades, this colorful selection of dinnerware and displayware is completely compostable. Within just three months of being put into the waste stream in a compostable environment, they begin to break down into non-harmful components.

Carlisle Foodservice is dedicated to decreasing restaurant owners’ use of harmful products and has set itself ahead of the curve by producing the most environmentally friendly melamine products on the market today. In addition to being compostable, they're made with recycled plastics and sustainable natural resources, keeping material out of the waste stream by using them in their quality products.

“Our goal is to go beyond conservation to become an important contributor to the restorative process for our environment,” says Carlisle Foodservice Products President David Shannon. Watch the video below for a practical demonstration of how eco-friendly these melamine dishes are.

EcoMade products are safe for temperatures up to 212 degrees F, meaning they can be safely used in warmers and rethermalizers. They are also NSF certified, meeting all the rigorous standards for use in foodservice. This line of dinnerware is perfect for any restaurant interested in going green.

Details on EcoMade Restaurant Tableware

Green EcoMade

Dayton dinnerware comes in twelve shapes, including cups, bowls, dinner plates, and saucers, and ten colors, including Bavarian Cream to match the Balsam displayware. It is durable, resisting scratching, staining, and breaking to be able to withstand commercial use, temperatures up to 212 degrees F, and dishwasher temperatures and pressure.

Dayton Dinnerware:

  • Comprised of sustainable natural resources.
  • Begins biodegrading in a compostable environment in just 90 days.
  • Stain-, scratch-, and break- resistant.
  • Available in 10 unique colors and 12 designs.
  • Safe for temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dishwasher safe.

The Balsam displayware line comes in Bavarian Cream and is heavyweight to mimic the look and feel of china while having the durability of melamine. This line features standard-size pans in varying depths, as well as half-size and third-size pans, making it possible to use these pieces in equipment such as buffets and displays that accept standard pan sizes. These pieces can hold their appearance and quality after a year of washing in a commercial dishwasher.

Balsam Displayware:

  • Break resistant and safe up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Available in Bavarian Cream, which replicates the color of china.
  • Can be stacked for transportation with or without food.
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Available in full-size, half-size, and third-side pans in three depths each
  • Heavyweight construction looks and feels like china without the cost.

The Carlisle EcoMade line is a great addition to any restaurant and a good option for restaurants looking for another way to positively impact the way our earth is treated.

Carlisle EcoMade, along with many other dinnerwear and displaywear lines, are available at KaTom Restaurant Supply. For more information about this environmentally friendly restaurant tableware, contact KaTom at 1-800-541-8683 or by e-mail at info@katom.com