Cambro Utensils

Cambro utensils include all the smallwares you need for serving food back-of-house or on a buffet. This includes tongs, solid and slotted spoons, and solid and slotted turners. All of these are available in a number of sizes, so you'll find one for every application. They're also available in clear, black, and high-temperature amber versions.

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Cambro SPO8CW135
Cambro SPO8CW135 8" Notched Deli Spoon - Clear

KaTom #: 144-SPO8CW135

In Stock
$1.23 / Each
Cambro TGG6135
Cambro TGG6135 6.56"L Plastic Serving Tongs, Clear

KaTom #: 144-TGG6135

In Stock
$1.60 / Each
Cambro SPO10CW404
Cambro SPO10CW404 10" Deli Spoon Red

KaTom #: 144-SPO10CW404

$1.35 / Each
Cambro 6TGS135
Cambro 6TGS135 6"L Plastic Utility Tongs, Clear

KaTom #: 144-6TGS135

In Stock
$1.04 / Each
Cambro SPO11CW110
Cambro SPO11CW110 11" Deli Spoon Black

KaTom #: 144-SPO11CW110

In Stock
$1.66 / Each
Cambro SPO8CW110
Cambro SPO8CW110 8" Notched Deli Spoon - Black

KaTom #: 144-SPO8CW110

In Stock
$1.23 / Each
Cambro SPO13CW404
Cambro SPO13CW404 13" Solid Spoon - Red

KaTom #: 144-SPO13CW404

$2.84 / Each
Cambro SPOP13CW404
Cambro SPOP13CW404 13" Perforated Spoon - Red

KaTom #: 144-SPOP13CW404

In Stock
$2.84 / Each
Cambro 6TGS404
Cambro 6TGS404 6"L Plastic Utility Tongs, Red

KaTom #: 144-6TGS404

In Stock
$1.04 / Each
Cambro SPO8CW404
Cambro SPO8CW404 8" Notched Deli Spoon - Red

KaTom #: 144-SPO8CW404

In Stock
$1.23 / Each
Cambro 9TGS110
Cambro 9TGS110 9"L Plastic Utility Tongs, Black

KaTom #: 144-9TGS110

In Stock
$1.62 / Each
Cambro SCP64CW135
Cambro SCP64CW135 64-oz Camwear Scoop - Clear

KaTom #: 144-SCP64CW135

In Stock
$6.21 / Each
Cambro 96SKRC135
Cambro 96SKRC135 10-oz Cheese Shaker/Dredge, Clear

KaTom #: 144-96SKRC135

In Stock
$2.70 / Each
Cambro SCP6CW135
Cambro SCP6CW135 6-oz Camwear Scoop - Clear

KaTom #: 144-SCP6CW135

$3.18 / Each
Cambro 12TGS110
Cambro 12TGS110 12"L Plastic Utility Tongs, Black

KaTom #: 144-12TGS110

In Stock
$2.45 / Each
Cambro 12TGS135
Cambro 12TGS135 12"L Plastic Utility Tongs, Clear

KaTom #: 144-12TGS135

In Stock
$2.45 / Each
Cambro SPO10CW110
Cambro SPO10CW110 10" Deli Spoon Black

KaTom #: 144-SPO10CW110

$1.35 / Each
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