Cambro Cups & Tumblers

Cambro cups are made from durable, virtually unbreakable plastics, and they can withstand repeated washings and heavy use. There are styles suitable for serving mixed drinks, milk shakes, and juice, and disposable lids are available to fit a number of them. Cambro also offers the classic, 22 and 33 ounce Coca-Cola tumblers for serving soft drinks.

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Cambro LT22152
Cambro LT22152 22-oz Laguna Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-LT22152

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$17.66 / Dozen
Cambro LT16152
Cambro LT16152 16-oz Laguna Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-LT16152

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$15.92 / Dozen
Cambro D16608
Cambro D16608 16-oz Del Mar Tumbler - Sapphire Blue

KaTom #: 144-D16608

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$11.16 / Dozen
Cambro 2000P2153
Cambro 2000P2153 20-oz Colorware Tumbler, Amber

KaTom #: 144-2000P2153

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$14.25 / Dozen
Cambro NT12152
Cambro NT12152 12.6-oz Newport Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-NT12152

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$11.16 / Dozen
Cambro NT14152
Cambro NT14152 14-oz Newport Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-NT14152

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$13.00 / Dozen
Cambro LT12152
Cambro LT12152 12-oz Laguna Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-LT12152

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$13.22 / Dozen
Cambro MDSM8-110
Cambro MDSM8-110 8-oz Shoreline Collection Mug - Black

KaTom #: 144-MDSM8110

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$16.49 / Dozen
Cambro D24156
Cambro D24156 24-oz Del Mar Tumbler - Ruby Red

KaTom #: 144-D24156

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$14.62 / Dozen
Cambro NT20152
Cambro NT20152 22-oz Newport Fluted Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-NT20152

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$16.61 / Dozen
Cambro 32CC152
Cambro 32CC152 32-oz Coca-Cola Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-32CC152

$23.49 / Dozen
Cambro 1600PSW12152
Cambro 1600PSW12152 Colorware Tumbler, SAN, 16 oz., Clear

KaTom #: 144-1600PSW12152

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$11.77 / Pack of 12
Cambro 20CC152
Cambro 20CC152 20-oz Coca-Cola Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-20CC152

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$15.58 / Dozen
Cambro HT22CW135
Cambro HT22CW135 22-oz Huntington Tumbler - Clear

KaTom #: 144-HT22CW135

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$26.66 / Dozen
Cambro 2000P2401
Cambro 2000P2401 20-oz Colorware Tumbler, Slate Blue

KaTom #: 144-2000P2401

$14.25 / Dozen
Cambro 3200P2156
Cambro 3200P2156 32-oz Camwear Tumbler - Ruby Red

KaTom #: 144-3200P2156

$21.00 / Dozen
Cambro D12156
Cambro D12156 12-oz Del Mar Tumbler - Ruby Red

KaTom #: 144-D12156

$8.83 / Dozen
Cambro HT16CW196
Cambro HT16CW196 16-oz Huntington Tumbler - Azure Blue

KaTom #: 144-HT16CW196

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$21.38 / Dozen
Cambro HT5CW196
Cambro HT5CW196 5-oz Huntington Tumbler - Azure Blue

KaTom #: 144-HT5CW196

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$14.66 / Dozen
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