Which Cambro Camshelving Do You Need?

Cambro Camshelving

Commercial foodservice operations depend on shelving units to organize virtually everything in their facilities, from non-perishable and disposable items to containers of flour, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Because these shelves may be needed in pantry areas as well as walk-in cooler and freezer environments, many operators depend on Cambro Camshelving. This durable and hygienic line of polymer shelving is available in three series: Basics Plus, Elements, and Premium. Below, you can learn more about the Camshelving options available to you and the benefits of using them in your restaurant, hotel, event center, or cafeteria.

Types of Camshelving Units

Cambro Camshelving Basics
Cambro Camshelving Elements Series
Cambro Camshelving Premium Series

Basics Plus

The lightweight Basics Plus series is the most economical type of Camshelving. It is better suited to light- and medium-duty applications such as storing disposable cups, boxes of paper products, or containers of vegetables, and is recommended for operations receiving deliveries a few times a week. It is only available as a stationary unit, which means Basics Plus shelves are not able to be mounted on casters or installed as part of a high-density system.


Camshelving's mid-range series is available in both stationary and mobile units. Stationary units cannot be easily moved, but mobile units are mounted on 5-inch-diameter swivel casters. Polymer shelves from the Elements series are designed for medium- to heavy-duty storage needs and are made with an antimicrobial agent called Camguard that helps protect against the growth of bacteria and mold.


The heavy-duty option in the Camshelving line, Premium shelves have a steel core and a polypropylene exterior, rather than a lightweight polymer construction. This series is designed for use in high-volume operations where employees frequently load daily deliveries. These shelves are also made with Camguard antimicrobial protection and are available as both stationary and mobile units. They're also the only series that can be installed as a high-density shelving system.

Benefits of Camshelving

Basics Plus, Elements, and Premium series shelving can be used in wet or dry environments with ambient temperatures ranging from -36 degrees Fahrenheit to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it is made from a polymer composite, Camshelving resists the effects of acidic foods, chemicals, humidity, moisture, and salt. It is a durable and long-lasting choice for walk-in cooler and freezer storage, since it will not rust or corrode, which means you will spend less time and fewer resources replacing shelving that has been damaged by exposure to harsh commercial kitchen environments.

Basics Camshelving is stationary, while shelving from the Elements and Premium series may be stationary or mobile. Although mobile shelves can be incredibly useful in commercial kitchens, shelves mounted on casters cannot bear as much weight as stationary shelves. For example, a 24- to 48-inch Premium series stationary shelf can hold 2,000 pounds, but a mobile unit from the same series can support only 750 pounds.

Camshelving is also designed to help maximize your facility's available storage space, so stationary and mobile shelves can be configured into larger units with shared posts. This means shelf space is extended by installing an add-on unit to a starter unit's end post. The end post becomes a shared post between the two shelving units, and the add-on unit includes a post that becomes the new end post. Using this same idea, Camshelving can be configured into a corner or U-Shape unit, allowing you to create additional storage space in corners that would otherwise be underutilized.

The final type of Cambro shelving configuration can increase an operation's storage capacity by up to 50 percent. High-density Camshelving has a stationary shelving unit on each end with mobile units running on a raised floor track between them. This design allows for the shelving units to create a 36-inch aisle when they are pushed apart, giving employees enough room to comfortably walk between shelves to load or unload items.

Camshelving also makes it easy to keep your shelving units clean, since the shelving plates from each series can be placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned and sanitized. The shelf plates from the Elements and Premium series are further protected by an antimicrobial substance that slows the growth of bacteria.

Camshelving at a Glance

Camshelving SeriesEstimated Weight Capacity
(24- to 48-in. L)
Storage NeedsDelivery FrequencyUnit TypesTemperature RangeCamguard Included?
Basics PlusStationary Unit: 2,200 lbs.
Per Shelf: 600 lbs.
Light to MediumUp to 2x/WeekStationary-36 to 190 degrees FNo
ElementsStationary Unit: 3,200 lbs.
Mobile Unit: 750 lbs.
Medium to HeavyUp to 4x/WeekStationary
-36 to 190 degrees FYes
PremiumStationary Unit: 3,200 lbs.
Mobile Unit: 750 lbs.
HeavyUp to 7x/WeekStationary
High Density
-36 to 190 degrees FYes