Cambro Food Storage

High quality, durable construction makes Cambro food storage ideal for food storage containers like food pans, ingredient bins, and dough boxes.

Cambro Food Pans

Cambro food pans are available in both refrigerated and hot food varieties and come in sizes from full to 1/9 size, making them durable and versatile.

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Cambro Containers

Durable plastic construction and bold measurement graphics make Cambro containers a go-to choice for storing food products.

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Cambro Ingredient Bin

These Cambro ingredient bins keep flour, sugar, rice, and grains dry and fresh without the need for liners and come in a number of sizes to fit your needs.

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Cambro Dough Box

Cambro pizza dough boxes will keep your dough pliable and ready to roll out, and their durable polycarbonate construction won't bend, break, or warp.

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Cambro Labels

Cambro food rotation labels take the guesswork out of ensuring the freshness of food in containers and are available in a number of sizes.

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Cambro Lids

From durable hot pan covers to disposable drink lids, Cambro lids complete your food storage system by keeping food and drinks fresh and contaminant-free.

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