Cambro Carts & Racks

From salad bars to portable sinks, these carts are designed to keep your operations streamlined and mobile.

Cambro Salad Bar

A mobile solution for serving fresh salads, the Cambro salad bar can be transported between venues, and their sneeze guards and tray rails fold to save space.

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Cambro Dish Cart

A Cambro dish cart lets you keep all your dishes organized and mobile. Compartments are adjustable to store many different sizes.

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Cambro Utility Cart

A Cambro utility cart can handle loads up to 600 pounds and feature large platforms and built-in handles.

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Cambro Portable Sink

Set up a mobile hand washing station with a Cambro portable sink. They can provide up to 70 hand washings with their 10 gallon water capacity.

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Cambro Portable Bar

Great for outdoor patios and catering services, Cambro portable bars include ice bins and many can be equipped for soda service.

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Cambro Food Carts

Cambro food carts let you take your snack service on the run. They can be equipped for selling hot and cold products.

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Cambro Meal Delivery & Beverage Carts

Offer efficient room service with a Cambro meal delivery cart. Their polyethylene construction makes them rugged and quiet.

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