Cambro Bus Tubs

Having the right bus tubs on hand can make washroom operations easier as well as providing a place to soak and store items. Cambro bus boxes are available in multiple sizes and colors to assist with organization. Bus tub lids are also available to ensure stored items are safe from dust and debris. More

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Common Questions About Cambro Bus Tubs

What are bus tubs?

Cambro bus tubs are plastic boxes with open tops that are often used for removing dirty dishes from tables. They can be carried or transported on a bus cart or utility cart. Bus boxes can also be used to store items or to soak dirty dishes before they go into a warewasher.

Are bus tubs food grade?

No, bus tubs are not food grade and should never be used to store food items.

Why are bus tubs different colors?

Because some foodservice operations use bus tubs for soaking and storage as well as bussing, having tubs in different colors can help with organization. For example, a black Cambro bus box might be designated for bussing tables, while brown is used for storage and white is used for soaking flatware.

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