Cadco Countertop Cooking & Warming

Cadco makes a variety of countertop cooking and warming equipment to add convenience and speed to your operation. Large-capacity toasters, commercial panini presses, warming trays, and griddles all enable operators to process orders and serve customers more effectively. Cadco buffet warmers enable you to keep food hot during long serving periods, while griddles give chefs a mobile cooking station and provide more cooking space in a busy kitchen. Caterers and buffet-style establishments make good use of these space-saving countertop pieces, but Cadco toasters, griddles, etc. can benefit all types of establishments, from a hotel breakfast buffet to a high-volume commercial kitchen. We'll go over KaTom's selection of Cadco countertop equipment here and then answer some common questions. More

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Cadco CBF4M
Cadco CBF4M Slot Toaster w/ 4 Slice Capacity & 1"W Product Opening...

KaTom #: 516-CBF4M

$339.09 / Each
Cadco CMLBCSLP Warming Cabinet w/ Clear Lid, (2) 1/2 Size Pans, (1) 1/...

KaTom #: 516-CMLBCSLP

$380.55 / Each
Cadco CTW-6M
Cadco CTW-6M 6 Slot Toaster 1" Product Opening, 220v/1ph

KaTom #: 516-CTW6M220

$354.30 / Each
Cadco WT-100
Cadco WT-100 Countertop Warming Tray w/ Variable Heat Control, 120 V

KaTom #: 516-WT100

$126.44 / Each
Cadco CPG-20F
Cadco CPG-20F Commercial Panini Press w/ Ceramic Smooth Plates, 208 24...

KaTom #: 516-CPG20F

$1,115.16 / Each
Cadco WTRT-40-HD
Cadco WTRT-40-HD 45" Heated Shelf w/ Roll Top Lid - Stainless, 120v

KaTom #: 516-WTRT40HD

$391.00 / Each
Cadco CBC-GG-2-L6
Cadco CBC-GG-2-L6 63.25" Mobile Merchandising Cart w/ (2) Wells - Blac...

KaTom #: 516-CBCGG2L6

$2,494.23 / Each
Cadco CBC-GG-4-L6
Cadco CBC-GG-4-L6 85.25" Mobile Merchandising Cart w/ (4) Wells - Blac...

KaTom #: 516-CBCGG4L6

$3,334.98 / Each
Cadco CPG-10F
Cadco CPG-10F Commercial Panini Press w/ Ceramic Smooth Plates, 120v

KaTom #: 516-CPG10F

$682.20 / Each
Cadco WTBS-2N-HD
Cadco WTBS-2N-HD 24" Countertop Buffet Warmer w/ (2) Half-Size Pans -...

KaTom #: 516-WTBS2NHD

$357.99 / Each
Cadco WTRT-10-HD
Cadco WTRT-10-HD 24" Heated Shelf w/ Roll Top Lid - Stainless, 120v

KaTom #: 516-WTRT10HD

$230.00 / Each
Cadco WTBS-3N-HD
Cadco WTBS-3N-HD 24" Countertop Buffet Warmer w/ (3) Third-Size Pans -...

KaTom #: 516-WTBS3NHD

$308.28 / Each
Cadco WTBS-4N-HD
Cadco WTBS-4N-HD 45" Countertop Buffet Warmer w/ (4) Half-Size Pans -...

KaTom #: 516-WTBS4NHD

$554.90 / Each
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Common Questions About Cadco Countertop Equipment

What type of establishment needs Cadco countertop equipment?

These countertop warmers and cookers can provide higher capacities for any type of establishment, though each individual piece fits differently. Most commonly, caterers and buffet-style establishments need mobile countertop options to expand their serving capacity, but even traditional restaurants can take advantage of the flexibility Cadco toasters and griddles offer. Busy restaurants can always use the extra cooking space provided by a countertop electric griddle. Caterers and cafeterias can improve their sandwich offerings by adding a panini press, while buffet-style setups – whether it be a hotel breakfast bar, corporate break room, or larger buffet restaurant – can keep food warm and tasty with warming cabinets and buffet warmers. Consider what these individual pieces might add to your establishment.

What does a Cadco buffet warmer do?

These buffet warmers give operators a place to store food and keep it hot while waiting for customers. Buffet warmers are divided to fit half-, third-, and quarter-sized restaurant pans, and their total size can be as large as the capacity of two full restaurant pans. To ensure food is safe for consumption, it needs to be kept warm between cooking and serving. The FDA recommends a temperature of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit to guarantee harmful bacteria does not begin to grow on food after it has been cooked. Cadco's buffet warmers keep your food at 140 degrees or higher, and most have built-in thermostats that enable operators to monitor the exact temperature at which the food is being held. If your establishment leaves food out for extended periods after cooking, you will need something like these buffet warmers to ensure it is safe when it's consumed.

Why should I get a countertop unit?

Adding a Cadco griddle to your countertop gives you more options. For establishments that fluctuate over the course of the day or work in different locations, the ability to put away an appliance when it's not necessary is a valuable commodity. Cadco griddles and other countertop items are easy to bring out of the closet and fire up when another piece of equipment is otherwise unavailable. This equipment also enables chefs to offer different items at different parts of the day; for the breakfast rush, an extra toaster might come in handy, but it would be unneeded for dinner. Space that can be utilized for other purposes can also be salvaged by countertop items.

How much power do I need for this equipment?

KaTom's selection of Cadco countertop options varies in power requirements. Many of their smaller items can be added without any special requirements, as they need only a North American standard 120 volt outlet. Larger and more powerful options, such as the double panini presses, require 208/240 volt outlets that aren't available everywhere you might want to put the machine. Consider the power requirements of the piece you're looking to purchase and double check that your setup matches that need.

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