CAC China for Any Venue, Style, & Budget

CAC China's Good, Better, and Best Dinnerware

CAC China is a leading supplier of dinnerware for all segments of the foodservice industry, with pieces suitable for venues ranging from family eateries to upscale hotels. Their lineup includes economical stoneware for the operator on a tight budget, a full range of durable china for restaurateurs who need an affordable but long-lasting and attractive set, and fine porcelain pieces for discerning operators who can't compromise on quality.


CAC stoneware is the choice of operators who need to stick to a tight budget. Stoneware comes in a number of popular patterns and designs, including rolled edge and narrow rim options in both the American White and European White ceramic bodies. These collections include every piece an operator needs to build a complete table service, including CAC plates in sizes from 512 to 12 inches in diameter; bouillon, pasta, and fruit bowls; and drinkware including mugs, tea cups, and stacking cups.

CAC stoneware also includes unique, colorful patterns such as the banded Blue Line and Greenbrier, and the banded and speckled Arizona and Emerald series. For a playful meal presentation, choose the brightly-colored Las Vegas collection or the color-rimmed Rainbow series. If it's angular dinnerware you're looking for, check out the Square pattern. Stoneware coupe plates are available in the REC - Coupe collection. For an unconventional shape that won't break the budget, the Soho dinnerware line provides a set that your customers are unlikely to encounter anywhere else.

Durable China

CAC's many lines of durable china fill in the "better" category between their "good" stoneware and their "best" porcelain. This selection includes Tango, with its embossed concentric rings available in the classic white pattern as well as the Tango color line that includes bold shades of Plum, Peacock, and Sunflower. For a contemporary aesthetic, choose Cambridge square or Bamboo china, two unique takes on square and rectangular dinnerware.

CAC's durable china line has been fired for longer at higher temperatures than the company's stoneware, yielding superior durability and chip-resistance. That treatment also allows the durable china to be formed into thinner, lighter pieces without compromising its strength. Those qualities make this CAC dinnerware ideal for casual restaurants and busy venues that need settings that can hold up to demand.

Porcelain China

For the most discerning operators with the choosiest clientele, CAC dinnerware offers an extensive line of porcelain china suitable for fine dining establishments. This includes the newest additions to the CAC catalog, the Elegant collection that includes the round Everest pieces and the square Niagara pieces. The Majesty series is a popular standby of CAC's lineup, which is available in medium-rimmed and rimless coupe designs. Other patterns in the porcelain collection include a number of contemporary square CAC plates, include the minimalistic Sunrise Square, the Queen square pattern with textured rims, and the contoured Miami pattern.

CAC's bone china has been fully vitrified, giving the pieces the greatest durability and chip-resistance achievable. That process allows the porcelain to be formed into elegant, ultra-thin shapes. Many pieces in the collection are even suitable for five-star hotels.

Beyond the Dinner Plate

In addition to offering all the dinnerware pieces an establishment will likely ever need, CAC china also provides a full range of servingware pieces including tasting spoons, ceramic food pans, compartment trays, platters, and bowls. The catering collection includes serving pieces for presenting dishes to crowds at events, and 3-tiered serving trays for serving hors d'oeuvres and finger foods. Other CAC specialty pieces include tabletop accessories like soup spoons, shakers, egg cups, teapots, creamers, and sugar packet holders. Most of these items are available in a number of patterns so you can find a perfect complement to your CAC china dinnerware set.