Non-NSF Compartment Sink

A non-NSF compartment sink can be a good choice in an area where food will not be prepared. Unlike models that have been NSF certified due to their rounded sink basin corners, these units have straight corners that can trap food. If you're preparing food or washing dishes in your sink, be sure that it is NSF certified or you may lose points from the health inspector. However, if you are buying a sink where this is not happening, these units are less expensive and just as durable. These models make great choices as utility sinks.

Budget Sink - 1 Compartment

Economical and great for cleaning, washing, soaking or other non-food related uses, KaTom offers a variety of budget one compartment sinks in both free standing...

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Budget Sink - 2 Compartment

KaTom offers a wide selection of budget two compartment sinks that are great for everyday needs such as washing, soaking and cleaning and other tasks. Made for...

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Budget Sink - 4 Compartment

Budget four compartment sinks offer plenty of room for washing, soaking and cleaning. Made for heavy duty, long lasting materials such as galvanized and stainle...

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Budget Sink - 3 Compartment

Great for cleaning, washing, soaking or other non-food prep related tasks, KaTom offers many different three compartment budget sinks to fit your needs. Made fr...

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