Bon Chef Serving Bowls

Bon Chef serving bowls are great for salads, salsas, and even dips.

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Bon Chef 5151
Bon Chef 5151 Stainless Steel Bowl For 5150SS

KaTom #: 017-5151

$4.22 / Each
Bon Chef 9076S BLK
Bon Chef 9076S BLK 4-qt Conch Shell Bowl, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-9076SBLK

$186.52 / Each
Bon Chef 3027P
Bon Chef 3027P 24-oz Salad Bowl, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-3027P

$108.24 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 3027S BLK
Bon Chef 3027S BLK 24-oz Salad Bowl, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-3027SBLK

$134.64 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 3027S WH
Bon Chef 3027S WH 24-oz Salad Bowl, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-3027SWH

$134.64 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 5075P
Bon Chef 5075P 11-in Serving Shell, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-5075P

$71.24 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 5075S BLK
Bon Chef 5075S BLK 11-in Serving Shell, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-5075SBLK

$105.71 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 5075S WH
Bon Chef 5075S WH 11-in Serving Shell, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-5075SWH

$105.71 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 90629059S PLUM
Bon Chef 90629059S PLUM 2-qt Salad Pedestal Bowl, Aluminum/Plum

KaTom #: 017-90629059SPLUM

$101.92 / Each
Bon Chef 5076P
Bon Chef 5076P 8.25-in Serving Shell, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-5076P

$97.74 / Pack of 6
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