Bon Chef Plates

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Bon Chef 1021S WH
Bon Chef 1021S WH 7.5-in Rimmed Salad Plate, Aluminum/ White

KaTom #: 017-1021SWH

$110.85 / Pack of 6
Bon Chef 1022S BLK
Bon Chef 1022S BLK 11-in Rimmed Dinner Plate, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1022SBLK

$119.66 / Pack of 4
Bon Chef 1022S WH
Bon Chef 1022S WH 11-in Rimmed Dinner Plate, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1022SWH

$119.66 / Pack of 4
Bon Chef 1023S BLK
Bon Chef 1023S BLK 13-in Rimmed Charger, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1023SBLK

$124.07 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 1023S WH
Bon Chef 1023S WH 13-in Rimmed Charger, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1023SWH

$124.07 / Pack of 3
Bon Chef 1026P
Bon Chef 1026P 5-3/8-in Saucer, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-1026P

$116.22 / Dozen
Bon Chef 1026S BLK
Bon Chef 1026S BLK 5-3/8-in Saucer, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1026SBLK

$153.06 / Dozen
Bon Chef 70000P
Bon Chef 70000P 10.25-in Platter, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-70000P

$37.22 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 1026S WH
Bon Chef 1026S WH 5-3/8-in Saucer, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-1026SWH

$153.06 / Dozen
Bon Chef 70000S BLK
Bon Chef 70000S BLK 10.25-in Platter, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-70000SBLK

$57.52 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 70000S WH
Bon Chef 70000S WH 10.25-in Platter, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-70000SWH

$57.52 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 70001P
Bon Chef 70001P 11.75-in Platter, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-70001P

$61.92 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 70001S BLK
Bon Chef 70001S BLK 11.75-in Platter, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-70001SBLK

$82.22 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 70001S WH
Bon Chef 70001S WH 11.75-in Platter, Aluminum/White

KaTom #: 017-70001SWH

$82.22 / Pack of 2
Bon Chef 1029P
Bon Chef 1029P 5.25-in Saucer, Aluminum/Pewter-Glo

KaTom #: 017-1029P

$105.66 / Dozen
Bon Chef 1029S BLK
Bon Chef 1029S BLK 5.25-in Saucer, Aluminum/Black

KaTom #: 017-1029SBLK

$126.60 / Dozen
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