Bon Chef Amore Pattern Flatware

With a unique pattern that borders it, the Amore Pattern Flatware is a stylish addition to your fine dining establishment.

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Bon Chef SBS401S
Bon Chef SBS401S Bouillon Spoon, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-SBS401S

$48.29 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS402
Bon Chef SBS402 Ice Teaspoon, Amore, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 017-SBS402

$19.18 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS402S
Bon Chef SBS402S Ice Teaspoon, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-SBS402S

$47.72 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS404S
Bon Chef SBS404S Euro Dinner Fork, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-SBS404S

$92.74 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS405
Bon Chef SBS405 Dinner Fork, Amore, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 017-SBS405

$27.11 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS408
Bon Chef SBS408 Oyster Fork, Amore, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 017-SBS408

$19.18 / Dozen
Bon Chef SBS408S
Bon Chef SBS408S Oyster Fork, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-SBS408S

$41.39 / Dozen
Bon Chef S400S
Bon Chef S400S Teaspoon, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-S400S

$47.99 / Dozen
Bon Chef S401S
Bon Chef S401S Bouillon Spoon, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-S401S

$58.30 / Dozen
Bon Chef S402S
Bon Chef S402S Iced Tea Spoon, Amore, Silverplated

KaTom #: 017-S402S

$66.49 / Dozen
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