Blendtec Residential Blenders

With one of these blenders, you get one of the most powerful motors available. Their residential line allows you to have the strength of a commercial unit combined with the sleek styling of a designer appliance. Thanks to its ”Will it Blend?” video series, the company and its products have enjoyed a popularity boom in recent years. With models ranging from Classic to Extreme, you'll find the right blender whether you just want to make milkshakes or intend to chop nuts to make smooth butters. More

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Blendtec originated many blending innovations that include preprogrammed cycles, capacitive touch interfaces, profile blending, and five-sided jars. Because of the success of their YouTube series “Will it Blend?” and the continuing success and durability of their products, the company is one of the most widely known name brands in the foodservice industry. Each blender is manufactured here in the USA to better serve their customer base, proudly continuing the tradition of quality control, faster improvements, streamlined production, and first-class customer service. They've taken the lessons they've learned engineering their foodservice line and adapted them to create a residential lineup to satisfy any home chef.

Blender Series


The Classic series is for those that want commercial power and versatility with their home blender. With preprogrammed cycles, this blender is perfect for creating salsa, hot soups, smoothies, and ice cream. The sleek design and touchpad interface are right at home in the modern kitchen.


The Designer series has multi-speed pulse, SmartBlend technology that ensures thorough blending, and a 100-speed touch slider that allows for precise control. This model is available in a variety of colors to match your kitchen's décor. With this blender you can make juice from whole fruits, hot soup, smoothies, and salsa. With a self-clean feature, this blender takes much of the hassle out of the cleanup process. This model is the only one that offers a capacitive touch interface and slider, which combine ease-of-use with precision control.


With five preprogrammed blending cycles and intuitive touch icon pads, Signature models allow you to slow chop, emulsify, and puree foods. This Series is ideal for making batter, whole juice, smoothies, and ice cream. It includes the Wildside jar that helps you mix up thicker, faster blends.


The Professional series can be built into the countertop to become part of the functional design of your kitchen, while its tabletop base keeps it mobile for parties and cookouts. Make anything from cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, and dressings with professional results with this series.

Tom Dickson Extreme

Featuring the most powerful motor in the residential line at 2400 watts, the Tom Dickson Extreme blender comes with both the Fourside and Wildside jars. The one-button control makes it easy to operate. This blender is great for making bread dough, fresh juice, batter, dressings, nut butters, and coffee drinks.

Jar Styles

While the motor bases are what creates the power to crush and blend your smoothies, the different jars are what create the perfect consistency for your recipes. With innovative designs, each one offers a unique twist on the conventional jar:

  • The newest of the jar designs, the Wildside +offers a unique five-sided design and a larger, 36-ounce capacity. This jar can produce a fully blended smoothie in as little as 14 seconds. Blend up bread dough, drinks, and ice cream with this jar.
  • The original Blendtec jar design, the Fourside features a square shape and dull blade that can crush instead of slice for a smoother consistency. The smaller, 32-ounce capacity is perfect for dry grinding, soups, small smoothies, and ice cream.
  • With a 16-ounce capacity, the Twister lets you mix up more of your favorite dips, hummus, nut butters, and baby food. These jars let you blend thick mixes that would normally slow down your blender and create lumps in your recipe. The unique lid design with rubber blades allows you to wipe the sides of your jar without having to start or stop your blender.
  • With an eight ounce capacity, the Mini Twister is perfect for blending up nut butters and baby food. This jar includes rubber blades that wipe the sides of the jar as you twist the lid, forcing the mix back into the blades for a smooth consistency without the need for stopping and starting your blender.
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