Beverage-Air Parts & Accessories

These Bev-Air parts and accessories will help you get the most from your equipment. They include things that will help you optimize your equipment's interior space like shelves, dividers, and pan racks. Other essential Beverage-Air parts include casters for making your unit mobile and leveling legs so your equipment can be installed correctly on uneven floors. Beverage-Air kegerator parts include wine and beer faucets.

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Beverage Air 30220L0900
Beverage Air 30220L0900 Shelf Clips

KaTom #: 118-30220L0900

$0.77 / Each
Beverage Air 403168A
Beverage Air 403168A Shelf Clips

KaTom #: 118-403168A

$0.77 / Each
Beverage Air 00C26017A
Beverage Air 00C26017A Castors for BB78, BB94, DD78 & DD94

KaTom #: 118-00C26017A

$186.66 / Set of 6
Beverage Air 00C31-030ABB
Beverage Air 00C31-030ABB 3" Casters for Model DW79/94

KaTom #: 118-00C31030ABB

$186.66 / Set of 6
Beverage Air 00C31041A
Beverage Air 00C31041A 3" Castors for Undercounter Models

KaTom #: 118-00C31041A

$154.53 / Each
Beverage Air 00C08020A
Beverage Air 00C08020A 9-Jar Syrup Rail Housing

KaTom #: 118-00C08020A

$231.41 / Each
Beverage Air 00C21006A
Beverage Air 00C21006A Shelf Kit, Set of 2, for DD68

KaTom #: 118-00C21006A

$102.51 / Each
Beverage Air 00C21007A
Beverage Air 00C21007A Shelf Kit, Set of 2, for DD58

KaTom #: 118-00C21007A

$102.51 / Each
Beverage Air 00C23031A
Beverage Air 00C23031A 10"Double Overshelf for SP48

KaTom #: 118-00C23031A

$387.47 / Each
Beverage Air 00C28S110A
Beverage Air 00C28S110A Castors for GF24

KaTom #: 118-00C28S110A

$154.53 / Each
Beverage Air 00C31032ABB
Beverage Air 00C31032ABB 6" Legs for DW79

KaTom #: 118-00C31032ABB

$154.53 / Each
Beverage Air 00C31034ABB
Beverage Air 00C31034ABB Castors for DW49

KaTom #: 118-00C31034ABB

$160.65 / Each
Beverage Air 00C31038A
Beverage Air 00C31038A Caster Kit for BB48, BB72 & DD48

KaTom #: 118-00C31038A

$154.53 / Set of 4
Beverage Air 28D40065C04
Beverage Air 28D40065C04 Locking Divider Bars for SPE27

KaTom #: 118-28D40065C04

$10.71 / Each
Beverage Air 402232B
Beverage Air 402232B Stem Dial Type Thermometer

KaTom #: 118-402232B

$18.74 / Each
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