Restroom Accessories Guide

commercial restroom supplies

Keeping clean and accessible public restrooms is essential to almost any business. A restroom that is not well-maintained can leave customers with a poor impression of your business, costing you their loyalty and valuable word of mouth. Additionally, a lack of certain bathroom elements can violate health codes, so it's important to keep your restroom clean and in good repair. KaTom offers all the commercial restroom supplies you need to stay within regulations and keep your customers happy.

Convenience & Safety

While some commercial restroom accessories are optional, others are functionally necessary. These restroom supplies provide convenience and safety for your customers, and in some cases are required to meet regulations.

  • The most basic of commercial restroom supplies, every bathroom needs a toilet paper dispenser. These range from small open-spindle designs that hold one standard-sized roll to large, enclosed units that hold multiple jumbo rolls. Some units come with locks to prevent tampering, but be sure to keep the key in an easy-to-find place, as an empty toilet paper roll is an easy way to anger customers.
  • Grab bars help you meet the ADA Standards for Accessible Design and make it possible for disabled and elderly customers to use your facilities. These bars are available in single- and double-wall designs, and some are smooth while others have a textured surface to provide a more secure grip.
  • Choosing to provide a sanitary napkin and tampon dispenser in your ladies' room can add convenience for customers who need them. These dispensers can provide the products for free or for a small fee, and are either mounted onto or recessed into a wall.
  • Baby changing stations provide parents a safe, clean place to change their young children's diapers. Though in the past they were almost exclusively found in family and women's bathrooms, there has been a recent push to include changing stations in men's restrooms, including some local laws introduced that require it.1 Check your local and state regulations to see how many changing stations your business is required to have.
  • While not a necessity, an automatic toilet flusher adds an element of convenience to your public restroom and can help limit the spread of germs and ensure a clean appearance. Many automatic flushers for toilets and urinals can be installed in minutes without having to turn off the water.


Restroom supplies that help you keep your bathroom neat and clean are some of the most important commercial restroom supplies you will order. These supplies help you cover the basics to ensure customers can wash and dry their hands, as well as have a convenient place to discard trash to help keep your public restroom neat between cleanings. Consider equipping your business with the following commercial restroom accessories.

  • Bathrooms tend to generate a lot of trash, so having a bathroom trash can easily accessible is crucial. These vary from waste chutes that are built into countertops, to recessed or mounted paper towel dispensers, to large floor-model waste receptacles. Sanitary napkin disposal units for women's and unisex restrooms are another type of waste receptacle to keep in mind.
  • Urinal screens help prevent debris from clogging the bathroom's plumbing. Often these come with deodorant blocks or have an odor neutralizer in the material to help keep the room smelling pleasant. To eliminate foul odors, you could also use wall-mounted deodorizer dispensers.
  • Toilet seat covers help customers feel more comfortable using your public restroom. Metal or plastic dispensers are available that mount to the wall, and some toilet paper dispensers also have a seat cover dispenser built into the top of the unit. Be sure to purchase seat cover refills to keep the dispensers stocked.
  • When choosing soap dispensers for your business' restroom, you have several options. Manual soap dispensers are wall-mounted or set into a counter and usually operated with a push-button, though some have a gravity-fed dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers are likewise wall- or counter-mounted, but instead of requiring a button to be pressed or pumped, these sense when your hand is in place and dispense a controlled amount of soap.
  • Paper towel dispensers come in many varieties, so it is important to be sure that the dispenser you purchase uses the type of paper towel you wish to use. Paper towels come in rolls, M-folds, and C-folds, just to name a few. The dispensers are usually wall-mounted, though there are countertop models, and can be manual or automatic.
  • An air freshener is a great way to help keep your restroom smelling pleasant. Passive systems release scent over time, while electronic dosed systems are programmed to release a burst of fragrance on a schedule. Some models also include a fan to help distribute the scent in rooms with poor air circulation. For most units there are refills available in a variety of scents, so you can find the perfect fit for your business.

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