Basic Unit Disposer

By using a basic unit disposer, you can reduce the amount of food waste sitting in your garbage.

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Hobart FD4/150-6
Hobart FD4/150-6 Basic Disposer Unit, 1.5-HP Motor, 120/1v

SKU: 617-FD41506

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Hobart FD4/300-1
Hobart FD4/300-1 Basic Disposer Unit, 3-HP Motor, 208/3v

SKU: 617-FD43001

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Hobart FD4-150-1
Hobart FD4-150-1 Basic Disposer Unit, 1.5-HP Motor, 208/3v

SKU: 617-FD41501

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InSinkErator SS-300-15B-MSLV 2303
InSinkErator SS-300-15B-MSLV 2303 Disposer Pack, 15-in Bowl, Sleeve Gu...

SKU: 023-SS30015BMSLV2303

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InSinkErator SS-75-15C-CC202 2301
InSinkErator SS-75-15C-CC202 2301 Disposer Package w/ 15-in Bowl &...

SKU: 023-SS7515CCC2022301

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InSinkErator SS-300-18A-MRS 2303
InSinkErator SS-300-18A-MRS 2303 Disposer Pack w/ 18-in Bowl & Cov...

SKU: 023-SS30018AMRS2303

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InSinkErator SS-125-12B-MRS 2083
InSinkErator SS-125-12B-MRS 2083 Disposer Package, 12-in Bowl, Sleeve...

SKU: 023-SS12512BMRS2083

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InSinkErator SS-75-18A-AS101 115
InSinkErator SS-75-18A-AS101 115 Disposer Pack w/ 18-in Bowl & Cov...

SKU: 023-SS7518AAS101115

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InSinkErator SS-300-18C-AS101 460
InSinkErator SS-300-18C-AS101 460 Disposer Package w/ 18-in Bowl &...

SKU: 023-SS30018CAS101460

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InSinkErator SS-125-12C-CC202 460
InSinkErator SS-125-12C-CC202 460 Disposer Package w/ 12-in Bowl &...

SKU: 023-SS12512CCC202460

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InSinkErator SS-75-18A-CC202 2303
InSinkErator SS-75-18A-CC202 2303 Disposer Pack w/ 18-in Bowl & Co...

SKU: 023-SS7518ACC2022303

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InSinkErator SS-300-6-CC202 208
InSinkErator SS-300-6-CC202 208 Disposer Package w/ #6-Adapter & C...

SKU: 023-SS3006CC202208

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InSinkErator SS-125-15A-CC101 115
InSinkErator SS-125-15A-CC101 115 Disposer Pack w/ 15-in Bowl & Co...

SKU: 023-SS12515ACC101115

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InSinkErator SS-75-18B-AS101 2081
InSinkErator SS-75-18B-AS101 2081 Disposer Pack, 18-in Bowl, Sleeve Gu...

SKU: 023-SS7518BAS1012081

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