Bakemax Spiral Mixers

Bakemax spiral mixers come in a variety of sizes as small as 36 quart to as large as 160 lbs so you're sure to find the perfect model.

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Bakemax BMSTA02
Bakemax BMSTA02 18-in Immersion Mixer Shaft

SKU: 012-BMSTA02

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Bakemax BMSTM01
Bakemax BMSTM01 Immersion Mixer w/ 15-in Shaft, 115/60/1 V

SKU: 012-BMSTM01

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Bakemax BMSTA03
Bakemax BMSTA03 21-in Immersion Mixer Shaft

SKU: 012-BMSTA03

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Bakemax BMSTM02
Bakemax BMSTM02 Immersion Mixer w/ 18-in Shaft, 115/60/1 V

SKU: 012-BMSTM02

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Bakemax BMSM240
Bakemax BMSM240 Spiral Mixer w/ SS Bowl, SS Agitator

SKU: 012-BMSM240

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Bakemax BMSTA04
Bakemax BMSTA04 Immersion Mixer Whip

SKU: 012-BMSTA04

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Bakemax BMSTM03
Bakemax BMSTM03 Immersion Mixer w/ 21-in Shaft, 115/60/1 V

SKU: 012-BMSTM03

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Bakemax BMSM160
Bakemax BMSM160 Spiral Mixer w/ SS Bowl, SS Agitator

SKU: 012-BMSM160

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