World & Auberge Tableware

Commonly Asked Questions About World & Auberge Tableware

What does 18/0 stainless steel mean?

The numbers 18/0 refer to the percentages of chromium and nickel in the stainless steel mix. The 18 means there is 18 percent chromium, making the pattern resistant to rust. The zero refers to the amount of nickel in the silverware, so the Auberge pattern contains no nickel. Nickel is what gives flatware its silver-like shine; while stainless steel can be buffed and polish to a shine, it will not have the mirror-like sheen inherent to flatware with more nickel.

Is Auberge tableware magnetic?

Yes, Auberge flatware is made of 18/0 stainless steel, which is magnetic. This means these utensils can be used with a magnetic flatware retriever, helping prevent flatware loss and saving the operator money.

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