Arctic Blue Line Walk-in Coolers

Arctic Blue Line Buyers' Guide

Arctic's Blue Line gives operators a selection of quality, pre-engineered walk-in coolers and freezers at attractive prices and with the features and specifications that foodservice operators depend on. These products are designed to give operators sensible, affordable solutions to their bulk cold storage needs while eliminating the time and extra costs of specifying a custom walk-in. Blue Line boxes also ship quickly, so they are great when project deadlines loom. The line includes coolers with and without floors, and freezers with floors.

Quality is Standard

Each cooler in the Blue Line series is built with a number of standard features that go beyond what operators might expect from a pre-engineered walk-in. These features combine to create a durable, reliable piece of equipment that keeps your valuable perishables safe and chilled, all while saving energy and making the equipment easy for staff members to use.

  • NSF-approved, insulating, high-density foam panels form the walls and ceiling of each Blue Line walk-in. Those panels' Acrylume finish gives the interior and the exterior of the equipment an attractive surface, minimizes the appearance of fingerprints, and is highly resistant to the corrosion that affects standard steel and aluminum.
  • Those panels' tongue and groove design and cam-lock assembly make each Blue Line box easy to assemble, even for those with no prior experience constructing a walk-in.
  • Floorless Blue Line models ship with coved-base vinyl screeds that are precision-formed and mitered to create an airtight, NSF-approved, and energy-conserving seal around the bottom of each walk-in panel. In models with floors, those surfaces are finished with smooth aluminum.
  • Wood-free, flush-mounted, self-closing doors are mounted in the center of each walk-in to maximize the available interior space.
  • Mounted on the exterior and interior surfaces of each door are 24-inch-high, diamond-tread kickplates that protect against damage caused by people and carts passing in and out of the cooler.
  • Door locks prevent unauthorized access, which can be particularly important for outdoor applications.
  • A moisture-proof door light illuminates the walk-in interior so staff members can find the supplies they need quickly and conveniently.
  • An interior safety release prevents individuals from being locked inside the walk-in.
  • Pressure relief valves and door heaters prevent problems from developing due to environmental factors such as condensation.

Walk-in Options

Arctic Blue Line models come in dozens of configurations that vary by size and compressor type. Cooler sizes range from 6-feet by 6-feet to 12-feet by 10-feet, while freezers range from 6-feet by 6-feet to 8-feet by 10-feet.

Blue Line freezers and coolers are available with self-contained or remote preassembled refrigeration systems. If your cooler will be installed indoors, you may benefit from a walk-in with a remote preassembled refrigeration system, which can be installed on the exterior of your building to prevent the heat it expels from raising the temperature in your building and placing an additional burden on your building's HVAC system.

Equipment with self-contained refrigeration may be your best option if you plan on installing the equipment outside your building or in a room that isn't air-conditioned. Quick to install, self-contained equipment has no requirement for refrigerant lines to be run through the walls or ceiling.

Arctic Blue Line models are available for areas with especially high ambient temperatures. If you live in a climate with hot summers and your equipment's condensing unit will be located outside – either because the cooler is installed outdoors or you have a remote condensing unit – a standard condensing unit may not have the power to sufficiently cool your equipment. Notify your salesperson when you place your order if you have concerns about high ambient temperatures and he or she will help you select the right equipment.