Antique World Collection

The Antique World Collection from World Tableware is a simple, classic pattern that works with a wide variety of tabletop designs. This pattern features a hollow handle with an embossed line running around its face. A full dining flatware set is available in this pattern. More

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Commonly Asked Questions About Antique World Collection

What is 18/0 flatware?

18/0 refers to the amount of chromium and nickel in the stainless steel the Antique World Collection is made of. The 18 percent chromium content helps prevent rust and corrosion. The lack of nickel makes this set more economical but it can also be harder to maintain its polished shine.

Where is World Tableware made?

World Tableware's corporate headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, and has partnerships with manufacturing facilities around the world.

Is Antique World Collection flatware magnetic?

Yes. Because Antique World Collection is made of 18/0 stainless steel, it is magnetic. This pattern can be used with magnetic flatware retrievers, which helps minimize loss as employees scrap plates and organize dishes for warewashing.

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