American Dryer Buyers' Guide

Amercian Dryer's Good, Better, and Best

Many folks agree that hand dryers are hygienic, convenient, and affordable alternatives to paper towels in commercial restrooms. Whether you want a simple, economical solution or the most cutting-edge dryer the market offers, American Dryer offers a range of technologies that include good, better, and best hand dryers to help give your guests an easy and sanitary way to dry their hands.

Good: Global GX

Even with their entry-level model, the Global GX, American Dryer Corp. blows away the competition. The GX dryer's quiet design delivers warm 120-degree air to dry hands in as little as 40 seconds. The unit's energy-efficient 112-horsepower motor operates at just 63 decibels, making it the quietest in its class. With the Global's low price point, this dryer is an affordable solution for operators on just about any budget.

Global GX dryers are available in three finishes: white ABS, steel white epoxy, and steel satin chrome. Tamper-resistant screws keep the machine safe from vandals. Models are available in 120-volt and 240-volt, both of which can be installed on the corresponding international 50 Hz supply. Global series dryers heat air with durable NiChrome elements that are designed for a long life.

Better: Advantage AD

The American Dryer Advantage AD commercial hand dryer is a great solution for operators looking to upgrade from entry-level dryers without breaking the bank. The dryer offers 25 percent more horsepower than its economy counterpart and provides a rapid 25-second drying time. The AD's universal voltage feature allows it to be installed on either a 120- or 208-volt circuit, so replacing an old unit is a breeze. While the Advantage AD comes at a slightly higher price point, its energy-efficient motor can help the unit pay for itself in utility savings.

A microprocessor-controlled sensor activates the Advantage series dryer when it detects a guest's hands are present. The unit's NiChrome heating element provides 120-degree-Fahrenheit air, and its powerful 18-HP motor only produces 67 decibels of sound. Advantage series dryers are available with the same exterior finishes as Global dryers, but also come in steel with black graphite epoxy and No. 4 brushed stainless steel options.

Best: eXtremeAir

In the premium eXtremeAir line, you’ll find American Dryer Corporation's three top-performing dryers: the Original GTX, the Eco EXT, and the cutting-edge Cold Plasma Clean. All eXtremeAir dryers allow operators to adjust the power level to moderate the sound they produce between 69 to 83 decibels, making them suitable for use in libraries and sports arenas alike. Each eXtremeAir dryer detects the voltage of the circuit it's connected to so it can be connected to any power supply between 100 and 240 volts, and both domestic and international supplies.

Each dryer in the eXtremeAir series is available in the following five finishes:

  • White ABS plastic
  • White epoxy steel
  • Black graphite steel
  • Steel satin chrome
  • Stainless steel

American Dryer's original high-speed hand dryer, the eXtremeAir GXT delivers a high-velocity blast of 135-degree Fahrenheit air to dry guests' hands in as little as 10 seconds.

The Eco EXT dryer uses no heat, but dries hands in under 15 seconds, so it consumes much less energy compared to the typical hand dryer. As many as three Eco EXT dryers can be connected to a single circuit, saving on the cost of installation.

The Cold Plasma Clean American hand dryer uses cutting-edge technology that actually kills germs in the air that it circulates. This technology provides the most sanitary, effective hand drying routine available.

CPC models charge air as it passes through the dryer, ionizing it to destroy harmful microorganisms and leaving only clean water vapor behind. These units have been proven by independent labs to kill germs including E. coli, staph, MRSA, C. diff, and salmonella. A study commissioned by American Dryer and conducted by a third-party lab shows that the technology also eliminated more than 99 percent of the flu virus that was exposed to it.

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