Aluminum Stock Pot

Economical and durable, aluminum stock pots offer faster heat transfer than stainless steel and can be used for a variety of purposes including cooking soups or stews, steaming vegetables and seafood or even home brewing of beer. Some may have bottom pour spouts for draining water, thin soups, broths or other liquids making them useful for buffets, catering or cafeterias. Available in sizes up to 160 quarts, they may also include lids and steamer baskets. Standard and heavy-duty varieties are available to stand up to the toughest kitchen tasks.

Aluminum Stock Pot 60-80 quart

For establishments that need to serve large amounts of food like cafeterias, casinos, and schools, , a 60 to 80 quart aluminum stock pot and cover can be a valu...

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Aluminum Stock Pot 20-39 quart

The perfect size for small restaurants, bistros, soup kitchens and other commercial establishments, 20 to 39 quart aluminum stock pots and covers are great for...

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Aluminum Stock Pot 4-19 quart

Perfect for home cooking, small restaurants, bistros, soup and sandwich shops and more, these aluminum stock pot and covers hold 4 to 19 quarts of liquid. Great...

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Aluminum Stock Pot 40-59 quart

Perfect for medium size restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, catering and other busy establishments, 40 to 59 quart aluminum stock pots and covers are great for ma...

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Aluminum Stock Pot 100-160 quart

Perfect for cooking for large groups or industrial settings, KaTom offers aluminum stock pots and covers with capacities from 100 to 160 quarts. With excellent...

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