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Alto Shaam miscellaneous commercial items are those hard to find kitchen items that round out your kitchen.

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Alto Shaam CE-24750
Alto Shaam CE-24750 Cleaning Liquid, 1-qt Container

KaTom #: 139-CE24750

$130.00 / Dozen
Alto Shaam BS-26730
Alto Shaam BS-26730 Half Size Fryer Basket, Steel

KaTom #: 139-BS26730

$121.00 / Each
Alto Shaam FI-27791
Alto Shaam FI-27791 Filter Paper, (7) Count Refill

KaTom #: 139-FI27791

$12.00 / Set of 7
Alto Shaam SH-24720
Alto Shaam SH-24720 Wire Shelves For AR-7H, Stainless

KaTom #: 139-SH24720

$114.00 / Each
Alto Shaam 14813
Alto Shaam 14813 Drip Pan w/ Drain

KaTom #: 139-14813

$315.00 / Each
Alto Shaam SI-27510
Alto Shaam SI-27510 Multi-Purpose Basket For AR-6G

KaTom #: 139-SI27510

$765.00 / Each
Alto Shaam QC2-40
Alto Shaam QC2-40 44" Floor Model Blast Chiller - (20) Pan Capaci...

KaTom #: 139-QC240

(You can remove it at any time)
Alto Shaam CS-200/S 120
Alto Shaam CS-200/S 120 Hot Carving Shelf w/ Recessed Surface, 30-7/8...

KaTom #: 139-CS200S120

(You can remove it at any time)
Alto Shaam SI-25934
Alto Shaam SI-25934 Angled Skewer, Stainless

KaTom #: 139-SI25934

$82.00 / Each
Alto Shaam QC2-100
Alto Shaam QC2-100 51" Floor Model Blast Chiller - (40) Pan Capac...

KaTom #: 139-QC21001151

(You can remove it at any time)
Alto Shaam PN-2123
Alto Shaam PN-2123 Oversize Pan, 15 x 20 x 5-in

KaTom #: 139-PN2123

$178.00 / Each
Alto Shaam SH-2903
Alto Shaam SH-2903 Shelves, Stainless, Wire

KaTom #: 139-SH2903

$105.00 / Each
Alto Shaam CTX4-10E/S
Alto Shaam CTX4-10E/S Full-Size Combi-Oven, Boilerless, 208v/1ph

KaTom #: 139-CTX410ES2081

(You can remove it at any time)
Alto Shaam BS-26019
Alto Shaam BS-26019 Multi Purpose Wire Baskets

KaTom #: 139-BS26019

$104.00 / Each
Alto Shaam HL-2635
Alto Shaam HL-2635 Prime Rib Carving Holder

KaTom #: 139-HL2635

$187.00 / Each
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