Air Door

An air door helps to create a barrier against cold drafts by adding heated or unheated air into the mix. Half horsepower motors shoot out air that keeps flying insects at bay up to eight feet. Dirt, drafts, and fumes are help back as much as ten feet. While they offer quiet operation, many of models allow you to adjust how powerful you want the airflow to be and at what noise level will be most comfortable to your patrons and employees. They come in a variety of lengths ranging from 36 inches to 12 feet and come in 6-inch or 12-inch intervals. These air doors can even help keep you USDA and FDA compliant by reducing or eliminating contaminants, and automatic switches make them energy efficient. Aluminized or powder-coated cabinets are durable and corrosion-resistant. Strategically placed vanes sweep air in a 40-degree arc to keep drafts at a minimum. These air doors are a suitable choice for drive-thru windows, walk-in coolers, and entryways.

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Mars Air Systems STD248-1UA-OB/99-014
Mars Air Systems STD248-1UA-OB/99-014 48" Unheated Air Curtain -...

SKU: 049-STD2481UAOB99014

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Mars Air Systems LPV272-1UA-OB/99-014
Mars Air Systems LPV272-1UA-OB/99-014 72" Unheated Air Curtain -...

SKU: 049-LPV2721UAOB99014

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Mars Air Systems STD272-2UA-OB/99-014
Mars Air Systems STD272-2UA-OB/99-014 72" Unheated Air Curtain -...

SKU: 049-STD2722UAOB99014

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Mars Air Systems N236-1UA-OB/99-014
Mars Air Systems N236-1UA-OB/99-014 36" Unheated Air Curtain - Au...

SKU: 049-N2361UAOB99014

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Mars Air Systems STD236-1UA-OB/99-014
Mars Air Systems STD236-1UA-OB/99-014 36" Unheated Air Curtain -...

SKU: 049-STD2361UAOB99014

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Mars Air Systems LPV236-1UAOB/99-014
Mars Air Systems LPV236-1UAOB/99-014 36" Unheated Air Curtain - A...

SKU: 049-LPV2361UAOB99014

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