The Coffee Enthusiast

For the little ray of sunshine in your life — that is the post-coffee-consumption ray

Though a common persona, the coffee enthusiast does not passively partake in a daily cup of joe. This individual seeks out the perfect blend of roasted excellence, requires an ideal vessel for consumption, and may even posses several means of coffee production. From the aroma wafting through the coffee enthusiast’s home to the ceremony of frothing one’s cream, each step in creating the first to the last cup of the day is carefully calculated and ultimately savored. Or, your coffee enthusiast could just be the kind that loves over-indulging in caffeine-rich liquids. Either way, one cup or ten, you’re covered.

Coffee Enthusiast's Buying Guide

Libbey Georgian Irish Coffee Mug Set of Three Dozen ($93.47)
Rosle Dual-Speed Frother ($37.95)
KitchenAid Coffee Maker ($99.99)
Libbey Mini Irish Coffee Mugs Set of 8 ($21.89)
Update International Stainless Steel Vacuum Creamer ($13.47)
Waring Espresso Maker with Steam Wand Dispenser ($399.00)
Update International French Press ($6.40)
Anchor 1-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar ($12.08)
Bunn-O-Matic Trifecta MB Brewer ($549.00)
Rosle Coffee Measure ($13.95)
Bunn-O-Matic GRX Basic Home Brewer ($99.95)
Cuisipro Coffee Tamper ($10.31)
KitchenAid Burr Coffee Mill ($199.99)
Libbey Cobalt Coffee Mug Set of 12 ($36.09)

Chelsea B. Sanz
Chelsea B. Sanz

Chelsea Sanz has lived in East Tennessee since her family moved here from South Florida just before she started high school. While she initially begrudged her new home state, she eventually realized she had come to not only love it, but to “bleed orange” as University of Tennessee Volunteers fans here like to say. She and her boyfriend Hunter, a trail worker for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, enjoy exploring the nation’s most visited national park and coming up with their own farm-to-table recipes.