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Mozo Pro Shoes Regular shoes are for mortals. Chef shoes have to protect your ankles as they snap this way and that in the kitchen dance, buoy your body weight over marathons of inertia, and shield your flesh from bar shrapnel and scalding lard. They… Read More >

For Today’s Trendy Chef: The Apple Watch for Prep to PR 1. There is no doubt that shortly after the Apple Watch hits the market there will be a recipe app just for the watch. With over 1 million apps already in existence, it’s inevitable…. Read More >

Serve Up a Scare With Paula Deen’s Favorite “Cauldron” from Lodge With the first few football games under our belt, the pumpkin beverages making their debut, and the kiddos back to school, it’s time to start planning for all the fall festivities. Luckily, Paula Deen… Read More >

The Super Bowl Ads of 2014 that We Loved Those who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and pay attention to those things may have noticed something missing in this year’s ads. There was a pronounced absence of restaurants putting their names on and… Read More >

Eat Like an Edwardian With a Meal Plan for the Crawleys of Downton Abbey Another year, another Laura Linney voiceover, and another Viking River Cruise commercial. In other words, the lords and ladies of Downton Abbey are back again, gracing our modern homes with their… Read More >

Our Newest Star Deserves a Gold Medal for Performance on Parks and Recreation Move over Beverly Hills; lately the best place to spot celebrities has been the KaTom warehouse, which has produced yet another screen star! At the end of January, Bids Specialist Donny Oglesby… Read More >

The Mysterious Food Network Mixing Bowl: Discovered! I have a slight Food Network addiction and I’m proud about it. Seriously, if you walked into my house at any given time you’d probably hear the voice of Alton Brown or Paula Dean booming in my living… Read More >