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On the Hunt for Game Meat In 2016, Arby’s crashed into headlines by offering venison sandwiches, a limited-availability menu item that was so popular with customers, the chain brought them back in 2017 and even added elk sandwiches in some markets. The fast food restaurant’s… Read More >

Trend Meets Altruism in America’s Cat Cafes In April 2014, a Mashable article – “On the Greatest Day Ever, America’s First Cat Cafe Opens in NYC” – publicized a pop-up event sponsored by Purina that offered a trendy-but-temporary cat café experience. The cat coffee shop… Read More >

The Better to Serve For every hole in the plastic grid of a milk crate, there is a catering niche. But even when you’ve found yours, you’ll need to bring in-depth knowledge of cuisines, excellent cooking skills, solid business chops, and social connections to your… Read More >

Deliversity After a recent trip to the meat mecca that is Philadelphia, we noticed once again that the damp subs served in East Tennessee delis have little in common with the towering beef stacks served at the likes of Philly’s Famous 4th Street Deli. This… Read More >

Seeking Freezer Freedom A portable standalone container that keeps frozen treats at serving temperature during special events is something of a holy grail. In summer especially, it hovers, frosty and steaming, in the minds of caterers and their clients throughout the ice cream-eating world. Just… Read More >

Your Gear Reveals Where Your Brew Belongs If, like the marooned hipster of our infographic, you’ve been living on a desert island and haven’t heard the term “third-wave (or first- or second-wave) coffee,” you can still probably figure out which one your convenience store, hotel… Read More >

Photo by James Souder, Food Recovery Network Food Recovery Network’s Millennial Achievers Forgive You Happy vague-anxiety season! We mean, of course, the almost-springtime of tax-day dread, inter-winter-weather-bout doubt, and for millennials, their parents, and anyone else who knows a FAFSA from a falafel, college-application fixation…. Read More >

The Tough Choices that Make or “Brake” a Food Truck Build On March 14, 2013, I started to build a mobile kitchen. I’d been selling fried pies from a small wooden stand, but that wasn’t quite cutting it. I needed more space, running water, electricity,… Read More >

Mozo Pro Shoes Regular shoes are for mortals. Chef shoes have to protect your ankles as they snap this way and that in the kitchen dance, buoy your body weight over marathons of inertia, and shield your flesh from bar shrapnel and scalding lard. They… Read More >

Find Out Which Brands These Bloggers Relied on for Cookie Month ’14 Great recipes begin with a bit of creativity but most importantly, great ingredients. During National Cookie Month, several of our favorite bloggers teamed up with a few national brands that they felt represented… Read More >

A Blogging Chef’s Perspective on Climbing the Restaurant Ladder Meet Chef Charles Hunter III. The Southern chef inspired by heritage-rich ingredients and traditional French preparation, he’s blogging his way through the industry from food trucks to formal fare. Explore his beautiful photography as you work… Read More >

Demystifying Professional Kitchen Vocabulary and Understanding the Term Salamander Curious what a slimy, lizard-like creature is doing in the kitchen? We were too. Well, in all fairness, we knew a salamander was a piece of restaurant equipment, but we were still curious how a heat… Read More >

From Baking to Sipping, Asheville has a Beer for That Asheville, North Carolina is home to the nation’s highest brewery per capita rate with approximately one brewery per 8,000 residents. While visiting for the 2014 Food Blog Forum, Highland Brewing graciously hosted the Taste of… Read More >

A Look at Food Insecurity in the U.S. Home to over 600,000 restaurants, multiple television channels devoted entirely to food, and hundreds of thousands of acres of farm and grazing land, the United States certainly appears to be home to an endless supply of sustenance;… Read More >

The Charcuterie Platter Makes Bologna a Grown-Up Indulgence Small plates, snacking, and shared meals have been popping up all over the restaurant scene lately. Restaurant goers and casual home diners are looking for something a little more involved in their meals, while turning away from… Read More >

Enormous plates or a myriad of appetizers – Seems like the single-sized entree has some competition Let’s face it, sharing a meal with another person or group is really intended for the interaction. If meal time was just about providing sustenance for a biological mass… Read More >

Leftover Swap App has Admirable Goal – Eliminating Food Waste – but Would You be Willing to Finish a Stranger’s Dinner? OK, we all know we Americans, as a nation, produce too much food waste. The United States had – which means ate, fed to… Read More >

Dress up Your Drink with Trendy Specialty Ice Ice: It’s an easy concept, right? Well, it actually depends who you ask and where you’re enjoying it. Here at KaTom discussions about obscure kitchen discoveries are not exactly rare. From one-upping each other with lunch-time foodie… Read More >

An introduction to the new school foodservice breakfast requirements Just as school food authorities across the country are finally settling into the new requirements for lunch offerings, revamped mandates on breakfast programs are heading their way. These rules call for much the same work as… Read More >