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Smoking Can Produce a Delicious, Flavorful Turkey As with brining, there is a lot of debate about exactly how one should do the smoking of a turkey. While the smoky flavor most people associate with good barbecue is typically produced by a hardwood smoke like… Read More >

Avoid the Food Danger Zone When Smoking a Turkey For smoking, you’ll want a bird that is around 12-14 pounds. Anything bigger will not only not take in much of the flavor you’re working to achieve, it will also take too long to cook, compromising… Read More >

A Food Safety Answer from “Karen” We all know that there are certain temperatures every meat we cook has to reach before we can safely eat it, right? So, a question came up as we were waiting for the turkey to finish cooking this Thanksgiving:… Read More >

The Thanksgiving Recovery Guide for the Non-Fans of Black Friday Shopping The day after thanksgiving has arrived. Whether you woke up to a post-apocalyptic warzone of dishes and leftovers or got up at the crack of dawn to get your shopping spree on, you can… Read More >

Opt for a Healthier Thanksgiving by Removing Trans Fat-Laden Fare The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is moving to ban the artificial trans fats in food after nearly two decades of debate over the medical costs and health-related concerns. In a New York Times article… Read More >

A Quick Guide to Properly Brining Your Thanksgiving Turkey There is much debate over whether a Thanksgiving turkey should be brined. Some chefs argue that it degrades the natural state of the meat while others swear by its ability to infuse a turkey with delicious… Read More >

Fry a Delicious and Moist Thanksgiving Turkey the Safe Way Every year as the fall leaves begin to crisp and pumpkins pop up on front porches across town, I yet again begin to ponder the idea of frying this year’s Thanksgiving turkey. Though I have… Read More >

The Guide on Traveling with Food and Shipping Food this Holiday Season There are facts in life that we each must come to terms with. Around this time of year, those facts are particularly important to making it successfully through the season. Such facts include… Read More >

Thawing Your Thanksgiving Turkey When it comes to thawing your Thanksgiving turkey, it’s important to plan in advance. The best way to go about the thawing process is actually through refrigeration. While the custom over the years may have been to allow your turkey to… Read More >

Halloween Candy Tricks Traded for Treats It’s later this evening and your little pumpkin, goblin, or fairy comes waltzing through the door with pounds of artificial sweetener, sugar, imitation flavoring, and chemicals. Translation: It’s Halloween folks. Though the excitement, fun costumes, and tradition can be… Read More >

Just a Bite: The Mini Dessert How many times have you found yourself at a fabulous dinner, enjoyed a few too many bites of the appetizers and entrée when the dessert topic arises? It’s hard to say, “no” when the meal was so delicious. Instead… Read More >

Yom Kippur Make-Ahead Menu and Guide As we approach the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, we are also approaching one of the most celebrated gathering events on the Jewish calendar: Break-Fast. Gone are the days of quiet observation amongst family and close friends and… Read More >

Start Your Day Right and Prepare this Protein-Packed Oatmeal in iSi Flex-It bowls Some of us look at mornings as a great chance to go for a run, drink coffee on the porch, and catch up on news but if you’re like most of us… Read More >

Consider a Venting Range Hood to Enjoy Delicious Meals and Protect Your Lungs Here in East Tennessee we are familiar with talk about air quality. As one of the allergen capitals of the world and subject to significant air pollution carried to our region that… Read More >

The Dyson AB14 Airblade: The World’s Most Hygienic Hand Dryer Here at KaTom we sometimes ponder big life questions and it just happened that in the midst of one of these highly philosophical moments something amazing happened. We think this may be one of those… Read More >

Home Chef Tips: How to Sharpen Cutlery to Restore and Maintain a Fine Edge Even the best chef’s knife will eventually lose its edge. It’s like all the elements that exist here on earth are working together constantly to see to that. You might think,… Read More >

Stay Hydrated When You’re Out and About Outdoor activities are popular all year round. While we drink plenty of fluids while exercising during the summer, some do not consider dehydration when it’s cool outside. Being thirsty is often a late symptom of dehydration and overheating…. Read More >

Spoil Your Mom With Chocolate Covered Strawberries: A How-To Video! Moms are what make us who we are…quite literally! Mothers comfort us when we are down and teach us many of the life lessons we must know. It’s times like these that I wish my… Read More >

The Mysterious Food Network Mixing Bowl: Discovered! I have a slight Food Network addiction and I’m proud about it. Seriously, if you walked into my house at any given time you’d probably hear the voice of Alton Brown or Paula Dean booming in my living… Read More >

A Guide to Proper Dinner Table Settings and Etiquette Have you ever felt embarrassed when you go to a fancy dinner, and you’re not sure which fork or spoon to use first? I know I have. My first experience with a fancy dinner, I had… Read More >

What’s Great About a KitchenAid Stand Mixer? Everything! The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a must for every kitchen! Without it, no kitchen is complete. I should know, I recently bought one and now my kitchen is complete and my countertop looks so much better with… Read More >

Meat Grinding Tips as Explained on The Martha Stewart Show Cut meat into strips before grinding; this will prevent it from becoming pasty. Place meat in freezer until chilled, approximately 4 minutes. Remove chilled strips from the freezer. Using a KitchenAid mixer fitted with a… Read More >

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