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How to Start a Food Truck Interested in starting a food truck? We spoke with Duncan Trout, co-owner of Mexican-American food truck Captain Muchacho’s, about his experiences with owning and running a food truck in Knoxville, Tenn., and he served up some advice for aspiring… Read More >

Tips from a Food Photographer We previously spoke with Phoenix-based food photographer, stylist, and blogger Joanie Simon about why food photography is important. Joanie told us why restaurant owners should take advantage of social media apps like Instagram by posting high-quality pictures, but acknowledged obtaining… Read More >

Chill a Mountain of Beer in Minutes, the Bartender’s Way One summer at the peak of wedding season, a bartender friend showed us his super-slick technique for reducing a tower of cased beer to a huddled mass of near-frozen bottles. The sun had a cruel… Read More >

Secrets of the Dough-Whisperers We’ve been working with some extraordinary home cooks this year: a batch of cookie-loving food bloggers from all over North America whom we met in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap. For them, every day is like two weeks before Christmas, that… Read More >

Bake Up Something Special This Holiday Season A list of gifts to make the holidays a bit sweeter for those who valiantly take on the role of sweetening the other 364 days of the year. Our gift guide for the baker has a few basics… Read More >

Gear Up for Holiday Baking With Our Thanksgiving Supplies Checklist It’s three weeks until the big day and for many of us, it seems like it we were just celebrating the 4th of July. There’s the menu, décor, guest list, and of course, all that… Read More >

Find Out Which Brands These Bloggers Relied on for Cookie Month ’14 Great recipes begin with a bit of creativity but most importantly, great ingredients. During National Cookie Month, several of our favorite bloggers teamed up with a few national brands that they felt represented… Read More >

Brute: It’s More Than Just a Trashcan Known for their “Brute” strength, Brute trash cans by Rubbermaid go far beyond their call as trash receptacles to stand in for a myriad of other purposes. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these commercial-duty cans… Read More >

A Blogging Chef’s Perspective on Climbing the Restaurant Ladder Meet Chef Charles Hunter III. The Southern chef inspired by heritage-rich ingredients and traditional French preparation, he’s blogging his way through the industry from food trucks to formal fare. Explore his beautiful photography as you work… Read More >

Forget Pumpkins and Cozy Up to Fall With the Beginning of Oyster Season For oyster lovers everywhere, Labor Day means the arrival of fall and an abundance of these salty mollusk delicacies on the half-shell, steamed or roasted, tucked into luscious sauces and baked, in… Read More >

Demystifying Professional Kitchen Vocabulary and Understanding the Term Salamander Curious what a slimy, lizard-like creature is doing in the kitchen? We were too. Well, in all fairness, we knew a salamander was a piece of restaurant equipment, but we were still curious how a heat… Read More >

Pour a Glass of Milk and Prepare for a Month of Cookies National Cookie Month is officially in full swing and here at KaTom, we will be celebrating the month-long holiday with weekly wrap ups from around the web. Think of these as your weekend… Read More >

Nicole Anhalt Combines Classic Culinary Skill with Precision Cocktail Production Classically trained as a pastry chef, Nicole Anhalt knew that the food and beverage industry was just the place she wanted to call home. Keen on increasing her knowledge base out of school in Charleston,… Read More >

Come join us at Chef Supplies by KaTom for our bi-weekly, Tuesday night cooking classes. During each class, chefs from the region present new techniques, delicious recipes, and quite a bit of entertainment. Whether you have a list of questions for our guest chefs or… Read More >

From Registered Nurse to Recipe Developer, Meet the Voice Behind Southern Kissed I often meet with people who find their way into the food community after “quitting their day jobs.” That’s the story with food blogger Lynda Self of Southern Kissed Blog. Much like other’s… Read More >

For Today’s Trendy Chef: The Apple Watch for Prep to PR 1. There is no doubt that shortly after the Apple Watch hits the market there will be a recipe app just for the watch. With over 1 million apps already in existence, it’s inevitable…. Read More >

Chef Jason Albert on How to Manage Your Team and Kitchen When it comes to the world of foodservice, there isn’t a single track to a management position. For Chef Jason Albert of Hard Rock Cafe, his journey began with a little white lie to… Read More >

An Industry Insider’s Look at Foodservice Today and a Few Allergen-Free Recipes We recently hosted Chef Young of Tupelo Honey Café, Knoxville in the Chef Supplies by KaTom Demonstration Kitchen for a community cooking class. He came armed with a host of recipes geared to… Read More >

A Look at Food Insecurity in the U.S. Home to over 600,000 restaurants, multiple television channels devoted entirely to food, and hundreds of thousands of acres of farm and grazing land, the United States certainly appears to be home to an endless supply of sustenance;… Read More >

How to Add Flavor to Your Favorite Grilled Meals Grilling is an art form. It’s not something you should do haphazardly or on a whim. It requires a bit of finesse and planning ahead. While the process may require a bit more effort than say… Read More >

Take Your Grilling Mastery to the Next Level with these Three Methods When it comes to grilling, humanity has had thousands of years to come up with new, creative ways to complicate things. Admittedly, the majority of these complications are utterly delicious so I suppose… Read More >

How Restaurants Are Managing Tipping Amidst a No-Tip Trend Smoke ‘N Water in British Columbia, Canada will join the growing list of restaurants making its way onto the no-tipping list. As one of the largest minimum-wage-driven industries, the topic has garnered much attention in conjunction… Read More >

A practical guide to the sheet pan and cookie sheet We have recently had multiple questions regarding which pans should be used to bake, roast, toast, and broil. To solve the mystery between baking sheets, jelly roll pans, cookie sheets, and all the other variations… Read More >

5 Easy Ways to Increase Bar Sales Regardless of your décor, offerings, and menu, any establishment with beverage service can benefit from a few tips to increase beverage sales and protect the bottom line. As the weather warms up, consider a little spring-cleaning behind the… Read More >

Eat Like an Edwardian With a Meal Plan for the Crawleys of Downton Abbey Another year, another Laura Linney voiceover, and another Viking River Cruise commercial. In other words, the lords and ladies of Downton Abbey are back again, gracing our modern homes with their… Read More >

What is Fair Trade Coffee? An Explanation of the Certification Logos Ever wonder what all the certifications on your favorite bag of coffee mean? In an era of emphasis on sustainable production and curiosity about where our food and beverages come from, it’s more important… Read More >

Brush Up Before You Toast With Champagne 101 When you begin planning your celebration, don’t let the signature drink be a last-minute thought. Champagne is a often-imitated classic, and although it’s hard to go wrong popping the top on the real thing, you’ll want to… Read More >

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