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Making Connections with MealConnect According to the USDA, 42.2 million people in the United States struggled with food insecurity in 2015. As we’ve discussed before, an estimated 40 percent of food in America is wasted, a fact that seems incongruous with the amount of food… Read More >

Smart Kitchen Appliances for Home Chefs Would you buy an induction cooktop that only knows recipes created by BuzzFeed? Do you want to spend $1,500 on a countertop appliance capable of recognizing your food? Are you interested in a smart oven designed to cook pre-packaged… Read More >

A New Level of Online Ordering Convenience People spend a lot of time on their smartphones, a good deal of it interacting with others directly through messaging apps or indirectly through social media. Historically, it has been difficult for business owners like restaurateurs to reach… Read More >

The Smart Restaurant We have smartphones, smart watches, and even smart homes. Guess what? The smart restaurant is just around the corner. We’ve already reported how internet-connected devices can make a big impact in the front of the house. Now the digital technologies designed to… Read More >