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Marketing Lofty Pursuits After spending years expanding Lofty Pursuits and learning the skills needed to produce Victorian-style candy, Greg Cohen turned his planning to marketing. Of course, he had been marketing his business all along; it’s how it survived for so long and through several… Read More >

The Good and Bad of Gimmicks Gimmick is a dirty word in the marketing world, especially now when there’s such a focus on genuine engagement with one’s customer base. However, when done properly, a gimmick can be a successful marketing tactic that promotes engagement. On… Read More >

The Evolution of Restaurant Critics Restaurant critics occupy an odd space in the professional world, straddling the line between foodservice and journalism. In many cases, a restaurant critic can make or break a new restaurant’s reputation. While social media has contributed to the rise of… Read More >

Put Your Food In the Limelight There are dozens of aspects to opening a restaurant, from finding a great location to perfecting the menu to hiring and training staff. If that weren’t enough to keep managers and owners busy, there’s the small matter of actually… Read More >

Social Media: Making Paid Ads Work for You Maintaining active accounts, responding tactfully to criticism, and engaging users on their favorite social media platforms all go a long way in building relationships with your community and drawing in new customers. Still, unless you’re also investing… Read More >

Jumping Through Hoops: Olympic Marketing Since the first modern Olympics in 1896, companies have been advertising at the games, but exclusivity rights first implemented in the 1980s have made it all but impossible for any companies but the largest with the deepest pockets to become… Read More >

Social Media: Greatest Hits and Flops There is no doubt that social media marketing is one of the greatest advertising tools of the modern age. You can create an online presence, advertise, and interact with your customers, all for free. That visibility can make your… Read More >

Responding to Social Media Criticism Recent social media statistics show that 90 percent of young adults are tuned in to social media, and usage rates by adults 65 and older continue to grow. Smartphones have become a nearly ubiquitous tool in our society and it’s… Read More >

How to Vet a Business’s Reputation Before You Buy Are the words “New Owners” sprawled across the letterboard enough to entice patrons to give your newly-acquired restaurant a second chance, even if the previous owners made some mistakes that led locals to swear off the… Read More >

Who Played the Super Bowl Best: Social Media Edition If we stopped the above line before pointing out that we’re referring specifically to how social media was used in relation to the big game, this could be a fairly short piece. The Super Bowl itself… Read More >