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Casey’s Snowballs, an Austin Tradition Since 1996, Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs has been serving cups of carefully shaved ice topped with flavored syrups to locals lined up outside of a 1930s bungalow-turned-storefront in Austin, Texas. For customers who’ve grown up visiting each summer and for… Read More >

American Poutine Co.’s Road to Success Starting a food truck can be a complicated and difficult endeavor, especially when you don’t have prior foodservice experience. After working in the oil and gas industry in northern Canada for 16 years, Brendan McGuinness founded The American Poutine… Read More >

Preserving Small Businesses in San Francisco As famous for its rich history as it is for its iconic landmarks, San Francisco is made up of dozens of neighborhoods and cultural districts marked by distinct personalities that have been influenced by both residents and businesses. Unfortunately,… Read More >

NewBrook Kitchen’s Paleo Project Cutting out carbs, going on juice cleanses, and sipping on several cups of bone broth each day are just a few of the diets that have been popularized in recent years. Though it may be easy to dismiss the paleo diet… Read More >

Trend Meets Altruism in America’s Cat Cafes In April 2014, a Mashable article – “On the Greatest Day Ever, America’s First Cat Cafe Opens in NYC” – publicized a pop-up event sponsored by Purina that offered a trendy-but-temporary cat café experience. The cat coffee shop… Read More >

Restaurants and Local Politics Business and politics can be a dangerous mix, especially in today’s volatile political climate. Saying the wrong thing about a public figure or issue can lead to outrage and even boycotts. However, legislation affects everything from health code regulations to tax… Read More >

Out of the Frying Pan (and Into the Wok) Starting an independent restaurant wasn’t always the plan for Timothy Joseph, who opened the fast-casual concept Wok Chow in Knoxville, Tenn., in 2011. It may not have been his lifelong dream, but the chef did spend… Read More >

Jennifer Dyer’s Foodservice Full Circle When you order a dozen at Courthouse Donuts in downtown Sevierville in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, you’ll get a box of 131⁄2 doughnuts. That’s 12 for the jury, one for the judge, and the half because you have… Read More >