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Sourcing Seafood Responsibly ‘Seasonal food’ most often makes people think of produce, but recently a focus has been put on seasonal seafood and the impact that ignoring seafood seasonality can have on the environment. This focus on seafood sustainability is not relegated to chefs and… Read More >

You Can Haz Fresh Oysters! Chef Mike McCarty Disappears Your Oyster Fears, Part 1 From across the table, raw oysters are suggested. You pretend you’d love them. You want to like them. You’d settle for tolerating them. Alas, they scare the stuffing out of you…. Read More >

Forget Pumpkins and Cozy Up to Fall With the Beginning of Oyster Season For oyster lovers everywhere, Labor Day means the arrival of fall and an abundance of these salty mollusk delicacies on the half-shell, steamed or roasted, tucked into luscious sauces and baked, in… Read More >

Chef Justin Burdett Presents a Flavor-Focused, Locally Inspired Taste of Appalachia When you walk into Ruka’s Table in Highlands, North Carolina, prepare to be transported to a place a bit earthier that what has become the norm in the mountain vacation town. Home to just… Read More >

Dive into Southern Deliciousness With These Unique Grits Recipes Here in the south we have a thing called grits and I’ve been simply obsessing over them since the infamous polar vortex graced us with its presence a few weeks back. It was absolutely freezing. Actually,… Read More >

It’s National Fried Scallops Day October 2nd is Fried Scallops Day, so combine fresh seafood with hearty black beans and oregano to make this dish a winner. Beans and oregano were listed as McCormick’s top 10 flavor pairings, so you know it must be good. Read More >

Celebrate Crab Newburg Day with Family and Friends It’s National Crab Newburg Day! If you’ve been looking for a hearty and delicious, yet simple, recipe for a wonderful seafood meal, then look no further. Courtesy of, this Crab Newburg meal is sure to be… Read More >