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The Kitchen Gadget Fanatic For the person with at least three gadgets to accomplish every task in the kitchen and no idea where any of them are or how to properly use them We have all come to love this person because inevitably this Marry… Read More >

The Outdoor Foodie For the backcountry-outdoorsy or the cocktails-on-a-patio kind The outdoor chef is a unique creature. Inspired by earthy flavors, hungry for the natural feeling of the elements while exploring culinary excellence, and likely to be caught wandering off trail in search of truffles,… Read More >

The Home Brewer For the big kid still playing mad scientist in the basement who also claims to be finally producing something remotely ingestible Oh, the craft brewer; the basement dweller; the beer festival attendee; the brewmaster. Known for calling ahead to see what’s on… Read More >

The Gourmet Home Chef For this person’s family, going out to dinner can be both a punishment and a no-dishes blessing For the gourmet home chef, cooking is an art form and, as with any form of art, the right tools are essential to yielding… Read More >