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More Pokémon, More Customers Have you noticed an influx of excited visitors wandering into your business, only to see them look around with their smartphones for a few minutes, swipe at their screens with a satisfied smile, and wander back out? They’re probably just trying… Read More >

The Highs and Lows of Rebranding a Restaurant When sales start to slow and public opinion begins to sour, many restaurants look to rebranding for revitalization. Beyond that, changes in management, simplifying the business’s identity, and capturing a new audience are other reasons to reinvent… Read More >

Allergen-Free Menus Are Good for Guests and Your Bottom Line This time of year turns many public places into a symphony of sniffling and sneezing as spring pollen triggers seasonal allergies. For the roughly 15 million Americans with food allergies, though, their condition isn’t limited… Read More >

Busy, with a Chance of Crazy Better, more accessible data in ever-greater abundance is one of the biggest stories of 2015 for restaurants and all foodservice operations. By this time next year, we may actually be able to predict the weather. For now, we’re pleased… Read More >

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? You know the restaurant business. That’s why you’ve decided to buy one. As you lean into the all-too-brief due diligence phase of your acquisition, the state of the equipment that’s part of the deal might seem like the least of… Read More >

We Actually Do Mean “Things” Shocker Alert According to Deadline Hollywood, a relatively high proportion of women over 25 was expected in the audience for the new movie Burnt when it came out in American theaters this Hallowe’en weekend. As one of this cohort, I’ve… Read More >

Don’t Go Dark “Like the Fourth of July, only cold and rainy.” “Amateur night.” “Dead.” Is this how your restaurant thinks of Hallowe’en? For many, in fine dining especially, the occasion has historically combined the revenues of a sno-kone stand with the clientele of a… Read More >

Distrust and Verify If you’re buying a restaurant business, somewhere between plunge-taking and handshaking you may hear a desperate emotional cry for validation known as “the asking price.” It is sometimes followed by an absurd claim called “cash flow.” Zaniness like this may be tossed around… Read More >

Restaurants to Writers: Shut Up and Eat! “First of all, this isn’t [your choice of affluent trendsetting restaurant location here]. My customers don’t care what some paid food writer thinks. Apps and the internet have made everyone a food authority or a restaurant critic these… Read More >

OK, But What’s a Negroni? Good question! (Hear that, cocktail snobs?) A Negroni is a classic cocktail most often served over ice as an aperitif, made of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, and garnished with orange. Don’t feel embarrassed if you haven’t heard… Read More >