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On the Hunt for Game Meat In 2016, Arby’s crashed into headlines by offering venison sandwiches, a limited-availability menu item that was so popular with customers, the chain brought them back in 2017 and even added elk sandwiches in some markets. The fast food restaurant’s… Read More >

Shooters Waterfront: Dining on the ICW The amount of convenient parking a restaurant has available often impacts the amount of business it receives. Being located next to a body of water – be it a lake, sea, or river – gives restaurants a unique opportunity… Read More >

Handling Children in Pubs New parents these days – many of them millennials who are balancing families and careers – are more willing to fit their kids into their lifestyles, instead of giving up their interests to raise kids in the seclusion of the suburbs…. Read More >

Charitable Restaurants Non-profits, community organizations, and school groups often host fundraising events to benefit a charitable cause or to help members cover the costs of necessities like uniforms and travel expenses. Restaurant fundraisers require minimal amounts of labor and a relatively small time commitment, so… Read More >

Cashless Restaurants in America A few years ago, a post on Visa’s blog asked, “Will 2013 be the year of cashless restaurants?” Although the answer was no, Visa hasn’t given up on the concept. In July 2017, the global payments technology company announced plans to… Read More >

Restaurants Run on Star Power The long list of failed celebrity restaurants includes spots owned by supermodels, rappers, and, of course, actors. Restaurants owned by celebrities aren’t guaranteed to succeed simply because of the famous faces backing them, but many Hollywood thespians do successfully venture… Read More >

Chef Marcus Guiliano Discusses Healthy Restaurant Partnerships Opening a restaurant is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, so it’s no wonder many aspiring restaurateurs choose a partner with whom to share the burden of getting their restaurant off the ground. Like any relationship, a successful business partnership… Read More >

Out of the Frying Pan (and Into the Wok) Starting an independent restaurant wasn’t always the plan for Timothy Joseph, who opened the fast-casual concept Wok Chow in Knoxville, Tenn., in 2011. It may not have been his lifelong dream, but the chef did spend… Read More >

How to Vet a Business’s Reputation Before You Buy Are the words “New Owners” sprawled across the letterboard enough to entice patrons to give your newly-acquired restaurant a second chance, even if the previous owners made some mistakes that led locals to swear off the… Read More >

Tapping into Tourist Traffic Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer travel season, during which millions of Americans will hit the road to continue family traditions and forge new ones, or head into new parts of the country in search of adventure. Though each trip… Read More >

Not-So-Healthy Competition When you sign to close the deal on the purchase of your restaurant, what’s to stop the seller from using the money he just earned to open a competing concept across the street, leveraging the years of experience he garnered running the establishment… Read More >

3 Hidden Restaurant Liabilities That Can Bite Long After You Buy As a prospective restaurant buyer who has spent weeks poring over lease documents, crunching cash flow numbers, and attempting to quantify the value of each brick, mortar joint, and square inch of stainless steel… Read More >

After Picture It’s been a while since I last wrote about my commissary kitchen at the Central Collective. Back in May, we had just placed our order with KaTom for our sinks, range, and hood system. Since then, the equipment has been installed, the floors… Read More >

That Awkward Moment When the Server Is Hovering Over the Table to Get the Tip In America, we’re not so sure about servitude. The debate currently raging over what and how to pay restaurant workers is one living drama that proves our ambivalence on a… Read More >

Get the Lease of Your Dreams On a busy city street, the little restaurant gleams like a jewel. It fits your site-selection specs to a teaspoon. You can live with the concept and expense profile and the seller’s motives make sense, so you’re putting together… Read More >