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The History of the Taco and a Goat Cheese Taco Recipe The origins of the taco are debated, but there are references of taco-like foods dating back as far as 1520. The reference mentions some sort of party involving Cortes and his men. That’s right,… Read More >

Pumpkin-Flavored Recipes for Every Course of the Meal When it comes to fall flavors, there is no doubt that pumpkins are the star of the show. With their rich, creamy flavor and versatility, it’s pretty likely pumpkin will be sneaking into several meals you make… Read More >

To brew or not to brew, is that even a question? It’s not about whether or not you will have that morning cup of joe, or six, it’s about where it’s going to happen. Will you drink up at home, make a cup to go,… Read More >

With These Spirited, Team Recipes, You Will be a Contender for the Ultimate Fan! In 1869, Rutgers and Princeton took the field in what is considered to be the first collegiate football game in history. That year, the season was comprised of just two games… Read More >

Let Waring Pro do the Work and Enjoy Delicious, Gourmet Popcorn in Just Minutes Whether you are avoiding the steamy heat of summer or dodging the chilly nights of winter, there is hardly a better cure than a classic movie night. We here at KaTom… Read More >

Start Your Day Right and Prepare this Protein-Packed Oatmeal in iSi Flex-It bowls Some of us look at mornings as a great chance to go for a run, drink coffee on the porch, and catch up on news but if you’re like most of us… Read More >

Get Everyone to eat Their Greens With This Simple and Delicious Recipe for Creamed Spinach from Executive Chef T.J. Saunders With our retail center – Chef Supplies by KaTom – nearing completion, we were thrilled to welcome in Executive Chef T.J. Saunders to christen our… Read More >

Embrace the Red, White, and Blue with the iSi Whipper this 4th of July Every year, just as the firefly season is peaking and the nights are getting warmer, we Americans come together in celebration of our nation’s independence with family, friends, fireworks, and, most… Read More >

It’s summer time which means grill time. Let’s get cookin’ with a great new kabob recipe! Whether you’re looking for a new recipe or a twist on an old one, this kabob recipe will surely please a crowd. Sweet sesame summer kabobs can be prepared… Read More >

Try this quick, delicious recipe for a taste of summer ease With Summer in full swing and family members battling to make it to the dinner table together, we here at KaTom are on the lookout for yummy, quick recipes to suit the season. Vice… Read More >

Keep Your Cool With Frozen Treats From a KitchenAid Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Accessory With summer approaching and the mercury climbing, it’s obvious the ice cream days of 2013 have arrived. While we believe any time is the right time for a delicious, frozen… Read More >

Try These Delicious Recipes with Versatile Lodge Cast Iron Cookware With the gloom of winter slowly being replaced by rising mercury and greening trees, spring is the perfect time to break out some Lodge cast iron cookware and take your recipes – and meal time… Read More >

Some Simple Tips and Recipes for Baby Food Most everyone agrees fresh food just tastes better and we all know it’s better for us than processed food. That’s why so many people are getting into the farm-to-table movement, buying ingredients at local farmers markets and… Read More >

New Recipes for the New Year For New Year’s, there are many different traditions around the world. Here is a different take on some traditional southern New Year’s foods. Traditionally, this means pork for luck, black-eyed peas for health, and greens for symbolizing money. We… Read More >

A “pear” of KaTom recipes with real autumn appeal We would like to share a couple of seasonal recipes for November. Both are made with healthy fruits and seasonings that are plentiful this time of year. They are very tasty dishes to try by themselves,… Read More >

It's National Apple Betty Day It’s October 5th, Apple Betty Day and there’s no better time for it. Apples are the fruit of the season, so this is the perfect dessert. Serve it alone or with a scoop of ice cream. The nice mix of… Read More >

Embrace the Tradition of the Taco It’s the 4th of October, so it is National Taco Day and who doesn’t love tacos? For this holiday, you’re allowed to pull out all the stops. This recipe, courtesy of, takes advantage of all the wonderful, zesty… Read More >

It’s National Fried Scallops Day October 2nd is Fried Scallops Day, so combine fresh seafood with hearty black beans and oregano to make this dish a winner. Beans and oregano were listed as McCormick’s top 10 flavor pairings, so you know it must be good. Read More >

It's Vegetarian Day October 1st is Vegetarian Day and a hearty vegetarian chili that is sure to satisfy. Perfect for the fall weather, this is an easy crockpot creation that you can cook ahead and is healthy and delicious. Read More >

It's National Corned Beef Hash Day They say corned beef hash is the most versatile of foods and September 27th is its day. Not only can you eat it with cabbage for a meal, but you can serve them on sandwiches, or with potatoes and… Read More >

Indulge in a short stack for National Pancake Day! September 26th is National Pancake day and we are bringing you a simple and delicious recipe for what Martha Stewart calls the best buttermilk pancakes. This recipe makes (9) 6-inch pancakes and requires only a handful… Read More >

Celebrate Crab Newburg Day with Family and Friends It’s National Crab Newburg Day! If you’ve been looking for a hearty and delicious, yet simple, recipe for a wonderful seafood meal, then look no further. Courtesy of, this Crab Newburg meal is sure to be… Read More >

Celebrate National Cherries Jubilee day! September 24th is Cherries Jubilee Day and to provide a twist on the traditional recipe, Betty Crocker® combines the simplicity of Cherries Jubilee with the richness of cheesecake. With only five ingredients, this recipe is easy to make. Read More >

Don’t Miss Out on Your Last Opportunities to Grill As grilling season comes to an end, we at KaTom offer you two recipes that can easily added to a salad, served as a side, or presented as an appetizer. The first is a grilled nectarine… Read More >

Complement an Evening Outdoors with the Right Recipes For July, here are two recipes from KaTom for a delicious triple berry crisp and a baked Italian squash. These recipes pair well with any number of grilled dishes and both are ready to eat in under… Read More >

Mary Lou Henry’s Recipes of the Month: June Since most melons are now in season, we are presenting two recipes that use fresh fruit. These are great for parties or served as an appetizer. By utilizing fruit and vegetables that are in season, you are… Read More >

No More Fat-Saturated French Fries: 3 Baked Fry Recipes Here are 3 alternative recipes to the traditional french fry and none require frying. These alternatives are more healthy than the traditional french fries and all seasonings can be modified to your liking. Each of the… Read More >

Bite Into These Cupcakes for a Sweet Surprise! These strawberry cheesecake cupcakes are sweet and light. This recipe uses fresh strawberries for the frosting and a cheese cake filling in the center of the cupcakes. Read More >

Make a Toast to the Winning Horse with This Classic For a sweet take on the mint julep, this drink uses honey instead of sugar for simple syrup, which mixes well with the Kentucky bourbon for slightly sweet and smoky flavor. For a non-alcoholic version… Read More >

Prepare a Meal for Busy Nights in a Few Quick Steps This cheesy chicken and mushroom lasagne is a make-in-advance favorite that is that creamy and delicious. This recipe is a favorite of Paula’s, our eCommerce VP, and makes a great dish to bring to… Read More >

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