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Knoxville’s Green Drinks Garden According to a recent Congressional Research Service overview of the craft alcoholic beverage industry in the United States, there were nearly 17,000 businesses producing craft beer, spirits, and wine in 2017. The $31 billion industry is a hit with consumers, especially… Read More >

300 Miles, Millions of Meals In Santa Rosa, Calif., from May 15-17, hundreds of chefs, CEOs, and other members of the culinary community will hop on their bikes and ride 300 miles, cycling together on three 100-mile routes in Sonoma County. This isn’t a sightseeing… Read More >

The Giving Kitchen The restaurant industry attracts a wide range of workers, from those dedicated to careers in hospitality to those just trying to make ends meet. Servers who rely on tips for income often experience fluctuating incomes that can make keeping funds on hand… Read More >

Making Connections with MealConnect According to the USDA, 42.2 million people in the United States struggled with food insecurity in 2015. As we’ve discussed before, an estimated 40 percent of food in America is wasted, a fact that seems incongruous with the amount of food… Read More >