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How to Start a Food Truck Interested in starting a food truck? We spoke with Duncan Trout, co-owner of Mexican-American food truck Captain Muchacho’s, about his experiences with owning and running a food truck in Knoxville, Tenn., and he served up some advice for aspiring… Read More >

After Picture It’s been a while since I last wrote about my commissary kitchen at the Central Collective. Back in May, we had just placed our order with KaTom for our sinks, range, and hood system. Since then, the equipment has been installed, the floors… Read More >

Get What You Want with Assertive Booking As the holidays draw near, I find myself bombarded with invitations to participate in various holiday-themed events—Thanksgiving 5Ks, holiday shopping fairs, and private holiday parties to name a few. In holiday seasons past I’d say yes to everything,… Read More >

So Glad You Asked! Maybe one day, when food trucks are as familiar as fast-food restaurants, customers will just order food and pay for it. Until then, if you sell food from a mobile kitchen, you know that a big part of the business you… Read More >

Photo by Shawn Poynter Equipped! For those of you who haven’t been following along, I’m Dale Mackey, owner of Dale’s Fried Pies, and I’m in the middle of building a commissary kitchen for my pie business at a building my husband and I bought in… Read More >

“Please Provide Additional Information” We had designed the kitchen in our commercial space, the Central Collective, with a professional architect who had worked on kitchens in commercial spaces before. We had executed the build to this point with a skilled professional contractor. With our representative… Read More >

Five Reasons to Hyperfocus Your Food Business As pretentious as it may sound, the seeds for my business, Dale’s Fried Pies, were planted on a trip to Spain with my husband in 2012. Our hostel was a few blocks away from San Ginés, a little… Read More >

The Tough Choices that Make or “Brake” a Food Truck Build On March 14, 2013, I started to build a mobile kitchen. I’d been selling fried pies from a small wooden stand, but that wasn’t quite cutting it. I needed more space, running water, electricity,… Read More >