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On the Hunt for Game Meat In 2016, Arby’s crashed into headlines by offering venison sandwiches, a limited-availability menu item that was so popular with customers, the chain brought them back in 2017 and even added elk sandwiches in some markets. The fast food restaurant’s… Read More >

Deliversity After a recent trip to the meat mecca that is Philadelphia, we noticed once again that the damp subs served in East Tennessee delis have little in common with the towering beef stacks served at the likes of Philly’s Famous 4th Street Deli. This… Read More >

What the World Needs Now Is Jackfruit BBQ Seriously. Climbing the ladder of meat alternatives, you go from tofu to Vegemite to tempeh, past that thing that calls itself “beyond meat” (mm, strips!), to hummus, and higher. Somewhere past falafel, the air thins, colors brighten,… Read More >

Chef Justin Burdett Presents a Flavor-Focused, Locally Inspired Taste of Appalachia When you walk into Ruka’s Table in Highlands, North Carolina, prepare to be transported to a place a bit earthier that what has become the norm in the mountain vacation town. Home to just… Read More >

Take Your Grilling Mastery to the Next Level with these Three Methods When it comes to grilling, humanity has had thousands of years to come up with new, creative ways to complicate things. Admittedly, the majority of these complications are utterly delicious so I suppose… Read More >

KitchenAid Food Grinder: Homemade Sausage As people become more contentious of their health and food, many are concerned with the preservatives and added fillers that are becoming more common in processed meats. By making your own sausage, you can control not only what goes in,… Read More >

Meat Grinding Tips as Explained on The Martha Stewart Show Cut meat into strips before grinding; this will prevent it from becoming pasty. Place meat in freezer until chilled, approximately 4 minutes. Remove chilled strips from the freezer. Using a KitchenAid mixer fitted with a… Read More >