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Infamous Food Failures Food and beverage companies are tasked with keeping up with a constantly evolving industry and customers’ expectations. Though this often results in fresh and exciting ideas for new products that customers love, it’s inevitable that some of them aren’t as appetizing. Here… Read More >

Marketing Lofty Pursuits After spending years expanding Lofty Pursuits and learning the skills needed to produce Victorian-style candy, Greg Cohen turned his planning to marketing. Of course, he had been marketing his business all along; it’s how it survived for so long and through several… Read More >

The Good and Bad of Gimmicks Gimmick is a dirty word in the marketing world, especially now when there’s such a focus on genuine engagement with one’s customer base. However, when done properly, a gimmick can be a successful marketing tactic that promotes engagement. On… Read More >

How Instagram is Changing the Face of Foodservice In a world where social media posts routinely go viral, many companies are finding it more effective to advertise online than in magazines or with television ads. For restaurants, Instagram may be the best tool available for… Read More >

Famous Food Mascots One of my colleagues has amassed dozens of cardboard cutouts, plushies, and other M&M’S memorabilia that now cheerfully greet passersby from the shelves of his office. This collection, and the hundreds of other collections like it, are testaments to the popularity the… Read More >

Social Media Site Options There’s no denying the power of social media when it comes to advertising and connecting with your customers, but with the digital landscape changing so quickly, it can be difficult to know which social media sites and apps would be most… Read More >

Social Media: Making Paid Ads Work for You Maintaining active accounts, responding tactfully to criticism, and engaging users on their favorite social media platforms all go a long way in building relationships with your community and drawing in new customers. Still, unless you’re also investing… Read More >

The Highs and Lows of Rebranding a Restaurant When sales start to slow and public opinion begins to sour, many restaurants look to rebranding for revitalization. Beyond that, changes in management, simplifying the business’s identity, and capturing a new audience are other reasons to reinvent… Read More >