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Cornbread Festival Preview Chances are you’ve never heard of South Pittsburg. It’s a small town with a population of less than 3,200 on the southern border of Tennessee, just west of Chattanooga. However, for one weekend each year, the town swells to nearly seven times… Read More >

Cook Up Something Special for Your Favorite Griller For the grill master extraordinaire we bring you the 2014 griller’s gift guide. This species is known for braving the cold to suffice steak cravings and is possibly more picky about fuel selection than a race car… Read More >

Lodge Manufacturing: Beyond the Cast Iron Cookware Since 1896, Lodge Manufacturing has been working to perfect the cookware used in home kitchens and restaurants across the globe. With a resurgence in home cooking and a return to more traditional forms of doing it, many are… Read More >

Break Out the Cast Iron, It’s Officially Dishwasher-Safe Our grandparents were certainly on to something when they swore by the power and versatility of their cast iron pans. Durable, renowned for their heat retention, and capable of turning our culinary classics from seared steaks to… Read More >

Serve Up a Scare With Paula Deen’s Favorite “Cauldron” from Lodge With the first few football games under our belt, the pumpkin beverages making their debut, and the kiddos back to school, it’s time to start planning for all the fall festivities. Luckily, Paula Deen… Read More >

Celebrate the 4th of July with American Made Products In celebration of Independence Day, we’ve gathered a list of our made, designed, or assembled in the U.S.A. products for both professional and home chefs. Not only are many of these products staples in the kitchen,… Read More >

Understanding the Simplicity and Benefits of Cocottes and Dutch Ovens With the holiday season in full swing, it’s hard to think a few weeks ahead when life will normalize and we will be back to cooking for our families instead of crowds. Soups and casseroles… Read More >

The Outdoor Foodie For the backcountry-outdoorsy or the cocktails-on-a-patio kind The outdoor chef is a unique creature. Inspired by earthy flavors, hungry for the natural feeling of the elements while exploring culinary excellence, and likely to be caught wandering off trail in search of truffles,… Read More >

The Meat Lover For the person who thinks P.E.T.A stands for People Eating Tasty Animals No, we don’t mean the pizza. This is the person in your life baffled by the concept of meatless Monday. Inspired by the rich flavors of wild game and insistent… Read More >

Try These Delicious Recipes with Versatile Lodge Cast Iron Cookware With the gloom of winter slowly being replaced by rising mercury and greening trees, spring is the perfect time to break out some Lodge cast iron cookware and take your recipes – and meal time… Read More >