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Universal Design with Microban Protection In 2017, Syracuse China, part of the Libbey family of brands, introduced the Constellation™ series. It’s the first commercial dinnerware to be made with Microban®, the antimicrobial technology also used by brands like Metro and Rubbermaid. The Constellation series is… Read More >

Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s Official Tasting Glass Since a congressional resolution passed in 1964, bourbon has officially been America’s native spirit. More than 50 years later, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association has partnered with leading glass manufacturer Libbey to create the Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s official tasting glass…. Read More >

The Holiday Gift Guide for the One You Truly Love or Just Enjoy Spoiling For the ones you call expert, connoisseur, or gourmet, we present the crème de la crème in food and beverage preparation and presentation tools and supplies. Truly awe friends and family… Read More >

The Kitchen Gadget Fanatic For the person with at least three gadgets to accomplish every task in the kitchen and no idea where any of them are or how to properly use them We have all come to love this person because inevitably this Marry… Read More >

The Wine Connoisseur For the person in your life who partakes in the “spitting” portion of a wine tasting – and the one who doesn’t The wine snob is easy to locate: Simply discuss that time in college when you drank wine from a box… Read More >

The Home Brewer For the big kid still playing mad scientist in the basement who also claims to be finally producing something remotely ingestible Oh, the craft brewer; the basement dweller; the beer festival attendee; the brewmaster. Known for calling ahead to see what’s on… Read More >

Just a Bite: The Mini Dessert How many times have you found yourself at a fabulous dinner, enjoyed a few too many bites of the appetizers and entrée when the dessert topic arises? It’s hard to say, “no” when the meal was so delicious. Instead… Read More >