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Stand Mixers: To Bread, Batter, and Beyond Although recent history has cast it as a status symbol because of its popularity on wedding registries, the stand mixer was first invented in the early 1900s as an industrial piece of equipment by Hobart. Prior to the… Read More >

Wood vs. Plastic: The Great Cutting Board Debate It has long been the commonly held belief that plastic cutting boards are more sanitary than wood. Plastic is non-porous, while wood has all those little holes for bacteria to wiggle their way into, just waiting for… Read More >

Restaurant Disasters: The Unusual Suspects Slick floors. Heavy loads. Fast traffic. Knives, both sharp and dull. Hot ovens and cooktops. Uncool coolers and walk-ins. Line cooks with headcolds. Mayonnaise. Mussels. Mice. These are some of the “smoking guns” we typically look to when there’s an… Read More >

Celebrate Mother Nature, Too! Crunchy moms are all about daily healthy choices. Mother’s Day is no exception. Store-bought bonbons and floral frou-frou are right out. So, how to celebrate the natural mom in your life? Indulge her senses, be mindful of her principles, and stay… Read More >

What Is a Buffalo Chopper? We ask this question knowing that not everyone has had the good fortune to cut meat in a commercial kitchen, and noting that your immediate online resources might not be much help here. Pinterest, for example, punctuates a patchwork of… Read More >

Mozo Pro Shoes Regular shoes are for mortals. Chef shoes have to protect your ankles as they snap this way and that in the kitchen dance, buoy your body weight over marathons of inertia, and shield your flesh from bar shrapnel and scalding lard. They… Read More >

The Cuisipro Pocket Grater Twenty years ago, if you wanted to turn food into teensy even pieces you could chop it with a knife, shred it with a grater, pulverize it in a mortar or a food processor, skin it with a vegetable peeler, or… Read More >

The Duralex Picardie Tumbler In retrospect, you were probably a little in love with the whole Picardie family. They were cheerful and noisy and seemed to be everywhere—delivering orange juice to schoolchildren, lined three-deep at the bar, steaming with espresso in the coffee shop. Then… Read More >

The KitchenAid Planetary Mixer What is a stand mixer doing in your restaurant, bakery, or catering kitchen? If it’s KitchenAid’s 8-quart countertop planetary mixer with bowl lift, it’s making 156 macarons for the dessert special. Whipping the mash. Working egg yolks into the pasta dough…. Read More >

To the Slow Cooker at 75: A Birthday Sonnet For a full selection of brand-new slow cookers, crock pots and food warmers, go to KaTom Restaurant Supply. Shall I compare you to a Naxon Beanery? Perhaps a stewpot would be apropos? Electric skillet, dump-n-stir machinery,… Read More >

iSi Delivers a Royal Whipping From Vienna, Austria, the very capital of whipped cream, comes the noble line of food and drink-whipping equipment known as iSi. It’s pronounced “ee-see,” like the French word for “here.” And they do assert themselves, especially in a group. The… Read More >

Accessorize Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer With All 10 Attachments Essentially the mechanical sous chef of the home kitchen, the KitchenAid stand mixer can tackle nearly any culinary challenge. Once you have purchased your stand mixer, accessorize with the wide selection of attachments offered by KitchenAid…. Read More >

The Holiday Gift Guide for the One You Truly Love or Just Enjoy Spoiling For the ones you call expert, connoisseur, or gourmet, we present the crème de la crème in food and beverage preparation and presentation tools and supplies. Truly awe friends and family… Read More >

Lodge Manufacturing: Beyond the Cast Iron Cookware Since 1896, Lodge Manufacturing has been working to perfect the cookware used in home kitchens and restaurants across the globe. With a resurgence in home cooking and a return to more traditional forms of doing it, many are… Read More >

Brute: It’s More Than Just a Trashcan Known for their “Brute” strength, Brute trash cans by Rubbermaid go far beyond their call as trash receptacles to stand in for a myriad of other purposes. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these commercial-duty cans… Read More >

The Backyard BBQ & Grilling Check List Gearing up for the 4th of July festivities? Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your big cookout with our backyard BBQ checklist. It’s more than just a few burgers and a cooler of drinks. Make sure… Read More >

The Kitchen Gadget Fanatic For the person with at least three gadgets to accomplish every task in the kitchen and no idea where any of them are or how to properly use them We have all come to love this person because inevitably this Marry… Read More >

The Meat Lover For the person who thinks P.E.T.A stands for People Eating Tasty Animals No, we don’t mean the pizza. This is the person in your life baffled by the concept of meatless Monday. Inspired by the rich flavors of wild game and insistent… Read More >

The Gourmet Home Chef For this person’s family, going out to dinner can be both a punishment and a no-dishes blessing For the gourmet home chef, cooking is an art form and, as with any form of art, the right tools are essential to yielding… Read More >

Food Processor Guide and Hummus Recipe How-To There are never enough useless gadgets and gismos – said no one ever. When it comes to useless junk, it seems there are individuals that have made a life of creating things to clutter your valuable kitchen real… Read More >

KitchenAid Food Grinder: Homemade Sausage As people become more contentious of their health and food, many are concerned with the preservatives and added fillers that are becoming more common in processed meats. By making your own sausage, you can control not only what goes in,… Read More >

The Mysterious Food Network Mixing Bowl: Discovered! I have a slight Food Network addiction and I’m proud about it. Seriously, if you walked into my house at any given time you’d probably hear the voice of Alton Brown or Paula Dean booming in my living… Read More >

Vitamix Takes the Effort Out of Every Meal Breakfast Time Something sweet and light usually works great. I love this recipe from the Vitamix recipe collection for a blueberry banana orange smoothie. Yeah, that’s right, the triple fruit threat. Lunch Time Lunch today will be… Read More >