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Photo by James Souder, Food Recovery Network Happy vague-anxiety season! We mean, of course, the almost-springtime of tax-day dread, inter-winter-weather-bout doubt, and for millennials, their parents, and anyone else who knows a FAFSA from a falafel, college-application fixation. Because some of KaTom’s best friends are… Read More >

Katom’s Weekly Foodservice News Roundup Remember January? That chilly month right after Christmas with the cheap gas? January is when Chipotle famously stopped serving pork carnitas in about a third of its 1700 restaurants, in a crisis of conscience-slash-marketing epiphany that arose when the chain… Read More >

Allergy study finds a peanut, eats it anyway It took a while to locate Bamba at the local Walmart. No surprise there. A peanut-flavored snack for infants and toddlers? That would be in the “As If” aisle, with the kiddie caffeine and the diet bacon…. Read More >

KaTom’s Weekly Foodservice News Roundup Last week was like the hardest, iciest rebound ever as we ricocheted off Valentine’s Day weekend with a jaw-chattering sugar high only to slam into a wall. Between the national holiday—aka “The Day of the Dead Presidents”— waves of state-crippling… Read More >

Country Club Chef, Cooking-Class Hero David Pinckney has eaten, breathed, and slept fine dining since he was 16 and washing dishes to earn money for college in his hometown, Knoxville, Tenn. At The Orangery, a family-owned landmark specializing in continental cuisine (think Roger Vergé, André… Read More >

We Cook Pretty One Day Would It Kill America to Watch the Bocuse d’Or? America won its first-ever medal at the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, last week. Perhaps you missed it. Chef Philip Tessier and his assistant, Skylar Stover, took second place in the 24-team competition. Team… Read More >

From Chippy to Gastropub, the Successful Evolution from One Concept to Many In the midst of planning for the rapidly approaching opening of his new concept, Oli Bea’s, I grabbed a few minutes with Chef-Owner Jeffrey DeAlejandro of the Crown and Goose in Knoxville, Tennessee… Read More >

The Life of Your Dairy According to Cruze Farm Girl The last time you sat down to a good meal, chances are you thanked the chef and thought little about the farmer who provided the ingredients. It’s true, much of the credit does go to… Read More >

From Mortgage Broker to Restaurant Entrepreneur: The Tale of Opening a Restaurant When you Google, “Tips for starting a restaurant” you’re more likely to get “100 Reasons to Throw in the Towel” than anything vaguely helpful. It’s nothing new to hear the horrors of restaurant… Read More >

A Look at Food Insecurity in the U.S. Home to over 600,000 restaurants, multiple television channels devoted entirely to food, and hundreds of thousands of acres of farm and grazing land, the United States certainly appears to be home to an endless supply of sustenance;… Read More >

A Story From the Streets to Five Star Dining You have seen him on TV, cooked from his recipes, and possibly even made lifestyle changes based on his “food revolution,” but did you know that beyond his entrepreneurial ventures Jamie Oliver’s passion for all things… Read More >

Find out “What’s Hot in 2014” in the Food World We use food to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations, and to mourn deaths. We share a meal after work, school, and long days to catch up with family and loved ones. We prepare food as peace… Read More >

Pork Cuts Get New Names Meant to Make Choosing and Cooking a Pork Chop Easier For many years, one of the naming conventions for competitive barbecue cooking teams has been a play on the “other name” for the shoulder round of a pig. That succulent… Read More >

Consider a Venting Range Hood to Enjoy Delicious Meals and Protect Your Lungs Here in East Tennessee we are familiar with talk about air quality. As one of the allergen capitals of the world and subject to significant air pollution carried to our region that… Read More >

Beat the Heat With the Top Chef Choice for Best Smoothie Blender Let’s face it: With a rise in trends like the paleo diet, gluten-free regiments, and more people embracing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, restaurant owners and chefs are seeking out new ways to incorporate… Read More >

Nation’s Restaurant News encourages restaurants to prepare for a busy season For those of you weary about the trajectory of the restaurant industry, Nation’s Restaurant News reports a positive outlook to put you at ease. The Restaurant Industry Snapshot was released this week for May… Read More >

Our Newest Star Deserves a Gold Medal for Performance on Parks and Recreation Move over Beverly Hills; lately the best place to spot celebrities has been the KaTom warehouse, which has produced yet another screen star! At the end of January, Bids Specialist Donny Oglesby… Read More >

An introduction to the new school foodservice breakfast requirements Just as school food authorities across the country are finally settling into the new requirements for lunch offerings, revamped mandates on breakfast programs are heading their way. These rules call for much the same work as… Read More >

Traditional Southern Cooking The South, the area south of the Mason-Dixon Line and east Texas, has always had a unique cooking style that reflects the history and past economic standing of the region. Although the traditional south has been romanticized in movies as a place… Read More >