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It’s Time We Had a Little Talk Let’s discuss insurance, shall we? I know it’s nowhere near as exciting as thinking about your menu, or designing your perfect kitchen, or finding out the best way to connect with your customers, but it’s something that every… Read More >

From Truck to Trailer A friend recently asked me why I decided to build a food trailer instead of a food truck. After all, when you hear about mobile food, people tend to be talking about food trucks. Concession trailers and food trucks have both… Read More >

Progress, Pain, Repeat Hello, friends! I’m reporting to you live, from the trenches of kitchen-building. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently in the middle of two big projects. 1. Rehabbing a trailer so that I have an efficient way to serve pies from a mobile… Read More >

(Photo courtesy of the Boxty House) And now, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, a Irish recipe that answers the question: How do they drink like that? We got it from Pádraic Óg Gallagher, proprietor of the Boxty House restaurant in Dublin’s infamous Temple Bar, who… Read More >

Introducing Dale Mackey for The Commissary We at the KaTom Blog are thrilled to introduce Dale Mackey, an artisan, community builder, and writer whose businesses exemplify a new approach to foodservice in our increasingly mobile world. Dale will be posting regularly here in the KaTom… Read More >

Avoid a Kitchen Nightmare With These Food Safety Rules 1. Store your food at the appropriate temperatures When you begin planning the menu for your next big holiday celebration, begin by considering your access to oven, refrigerator, and freezer space. Despite your desire to present… Read More >

Thorough Guide to Caring for Your Knife Kit 1. Hone regularly The first step in properly caring for your kitchen knives is honing regularly. Much like your teeth should be cared for daily, your knives require the same attention. Luckily, it takes less time than… Read More >

Planning to Tackle the Leftovers and a Wusthof Giveaway When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers, the options are pretty much endless. There are the repurposed casseroles, the hearty turkey and vegetable soups, potpies, and even impressive renditions involving Julia Child-like skill. After years of happily… Read More >

A Few Theories on the Term Monkey Dish Chances are you haven’t heard of a monkey dish unless you work at a zoo or in a professional kitchen – perhaps there is a connection there, but I digress. The kitchen is in fact full of… Read More >

Betty Becca: the Betty Crocker-Inspired Blogger Who Didn’t Know How to Cook Meet Becca Ary, the food blogger who isn’t too big on cooking. That’s right, when she began her blog, it was actually to help get over the fear of the kitchen. Over the… Read More >

Life, Love, and Good Food: The Blog for the Hopeless Foodie Meet Sheila Thigpen, the writer behind the food blog Life, Love, and Good Food. Her blog is best described as a well curated collection of approachable recipes. When visiting, you’ll find a good combination… Read More >

An Industry Insider’s Look at Foodservice Today and a Few Allergen-Free Recipes We recently hosted Chef Young of Tupelo Honey Café, Knoxville in the Chef Supplies by KaTom Demonstration Kitchen for a community cooking class. He came armed with a host of recipes geared to… Read More >

How to Add Flavor to Your Favorite Grilled Meals Grilling is an art form. It’s not something you should do haphazardly or on a whim. It requires a bit of finesse and planning ahead. While the process may require a bit more effort than say… Read More >

Take Your Grilling Mastery to the Next Level with these Three Methods When it comes to grilling, humanity has had thousands of years to come up with new, creative ways to complicate things. Admittedly, the majority of these complications are utterly delicious so I suppose… Read More >

The Backyard BBQ & Grilling Check List Gearing up for the 4th of July festivities? Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your big cookout with our backyard BBQ checklist. It’s more than just a few burgers and a cooler of drinks. Make sure… Read More >

How Restaurants Are Managing Tipping Amidst a No-Tip Trend Smoke ‘N Water in British Columbia, Canada will join the growing list of restaurants making its way onto the no-tipping list. As one of the largest minimum-wage-driven industries, the topic has garnered much attention in conjunction… Read More >

Taking it to the Streets: Food Truck Trend Keeps on Truckin’ Though many food trends stick around about as long as a hot dog cart on a rainy day, food trucks continue to captivate the collective American food imagination. While there are plenty of examples… Read More >

Start Your Day Right and Prepare this Protein-Packed Oatmeal in iSi Flex-It bowls Some of us look at mornings as a great chance to go for a run, drink coffee on the porch, and catch up on news but if you’re like most of us… Read More >

Home Chef Tips: How to Sharpen Cutlery to Restore and Maintain a Fine Edge Even the best chef’s knife will eventually lose its edge. It’s like all the elements that exist here on earth are working together constantly to see to that. You might think,… Read More >

Some Simple Tips and Recipes for Baby Food Most everyone agrees fresh food just tastes better and we all know it’s better for us than processed food. That’s why so many people are getting into the farm-to-table movement, buying ingredients at local farmers markets and… Read More >

Take on the Task of Feeding a Crowd with These Tips and Tricks Recently we took a look into the Duggar family kitchen by means of the “Today Show and were surprised to find a lot of cooking equipment we recognized; commercial kitchen equipment, to… Read More >

A Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wrap How-To Video! Aw nuts. Here comes that craving again; the slight sweetness from the coconut milk, the spicy flavors from the curry…the rich depth from the peanut butter. You KNOW I’m talking about some peanut sauce. I can never get… Read More >

No More Store-Bought Sauce: A Fresh Marinara How-To Video! Marinara sauce…I personally use it the most for garlic bread dunking and pasta but people have been known to eat it on many other dishes as well. When it comes down to making pasta or pizza… Read More >

Dining Etiquette: An Easy to Follow Guide In the restaurant industry, there are many times when meetings are held over dinner, which means that having proper table etiquette is a must. Table manners play an important part in making a favorable impression on your guest… Read More >