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The Gift Guide for That Friend Who Has More Sky Miles Than the CEO of Delta There is something about lover’s of food that goes hand-in-hand with traveling. Whether it be scouring the globe for inspiring ingredients, traveling miles out of the way for a… Read More >

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The Kitchen Gadget Fanatic For the person with at least three gadgets to accomplish every task in the kitchen and no idea where any of them are or how to properly use them We have all come to love this person because inevitably this Marry… Read More >

The Healthy Eater For the person in your life who knows the difference between a vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian and also claims to be one Possibly referred to as a rabbit and likely been seen drinking oddly colored breakfast smoothies, let us introduce you to… Read More >

The Baker For the person responsible for killing your New Year’s resolution — every year There are two main categories of baker we will consider here: The perfectionist who can both dream up and properly execute baked goods that look crafted by the hands of… Read More >

The Outdoor Foodie For the backcountry-outdoorsy or the cocktails-on-a-patio kind The outdoor chef is a unique creature. Inspired by earthy flavors, hungry for the natural feeling of the elements while exploring culinary excellence, and likely to be caught wandering off trail in search of truffles,… Read More >

The Wine Connoisseur For the person in your life who partakes in the “spitting” portion of a wine tasting – and the one who doesn’t The wine snob is easy to locate: Simply discuss that time in college when you drank wine from a box… Read More >

The Coffee Enthusiast For the little ray of sunshine in your life — that is the post-coffee-consumption ray Though a common persona, the coffee enthusiast does not passively partake in a daily cup of joe. This individual seeks out the perfect blend of roasted excellence,… Read More >

The Kid-Friendly Kitchen The tools needed for a kid-friendly kitchen, because, unfortunately, you can’t take a garden hose to the inside of your house Kid-friendly kitchens are an intentional choice and certainly not something that comes naturally. Between the razor-sharp knives and scalding liquids, it’s… Read More >

The Meat Lover For the person who thinks P.E.T.A stands for People Eating Tasty Animals No, we don’t mean the pizza. This is the person in your life baffled by the concept of meatless Monday. Inspired by the rich flavors of wild game and insistent… Read More >

The Gourmet Home Chef For this person’s family, going out to dinner can be both a punishment and a no-dishes blessing For the gourmet home chef, cooking is an art form and, as with any form of art, the right tools are essential to yielding… Read More >