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300 Miles, Millions of Meals In Santa Rosa, Calif., from May 15-17, hundreds of chefs, CEOs, and other members of the culinary community will hop on their bikes and ride 300 miles, cycling together on three 100-mile routes in Sonoma County. This isn’t a sightseeing… Read More >

Charitable Restaurants Non-profits, community organizations, and school groups often host fundraising events to benefit a charitable cause or to help members cover the costs of necessities like uniforms and travel expenses. Restaurant fundraisers require minimal amounts of labor and a relatively small time commitment, so… Read More >

Feeding a Space City Recovery Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas, on August 25, dropping as much as 50 inches of rain in some locations. The deluge of rain led to widespread flooding, displaced countless people, and left many stranded. First responders and even… Read More >