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Vintage Modern From a serpentine sofa below soaring ceilings, you watch a row of glassware on the bar catch the natural sunlight pouring into the room. “Would you care for a glass of wine?” That may not be the assistance most of us think of… Read More >

Seeking Freezer Freedom A portable standalone container that keeps frozen treats at serving temperature during special events is something of a holy grail. In summer especially, it hovers, frosty and steaming, in the minds of caterers and their clients throughout the ice cream-eating world. Just… Read More >

Is Higher Ed Overfed? Fresh Food, Rotten Kids? From our roomy banquette in the foodservice world, we at KaTom have an excellent view of changes in institutional dining. As the letters from college admissions departments roll into in-boxes across America, we’d like you to have the benefit… Read More >

Photo by James Souder, Food Recovery Network Food Recovery Network’s Millennial Achievers Forgive You Happy vague-anxiety season! We mean, of course, the almost-springtime of tax-day dread, inter-winter-weather-bout doubt, and for millennials, their parents, and anyone else who knows a FAFSA from a falafel, college-application fixation…. Read More >